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Black Neoprene Winter Face Mask Neck Veil Warm Hunting Motorcycle Survival | eBay

Black Neoprene Winter Face Mask Neck Veil Warm Hunting Motorcycle Survival | eBay

BLACK Neoprene Winter Facemask/Neck Veil

1 ea. BLACK Soft Neoprene Face Mask/Neck Veil  When you need face protection from the dashing winds and extreme cold, outdoor sports equipment is essential. To protect your face, ears and neck, this black neck face mask is ideal for motorcyclists, cyclists, skiing, fishing, hiking and for winter use!
This winter is no longer cold.

Features: 100% Brand New!! Flexible and Soft, Very Warm and Lightweight to wear. A cutout for nose breathing.
 Perfect protection against cold, snow, wind and sun in winter. New ventilation system will keep you breathing easily and eliminate mouth odor.
Built for the cold winter whether you are skiing, riding a motorcycle/ bike, play paintball, or simply strolling out in the cold weather for those occasions.

This is a must-have for emergencies.

  • Material: Neoprene and Thermal Fleece
  • Size (L x H): approx 54 x 28cm
  • Packet includes: 1 x BLACK Warm Neck Face Mask
  • Weight: 42g
  • A convenient Cut-Out for easy nose breathing
  • New Ventilation System for easier breathing and mouth odor elimination
  • Skiing, Riding a Motorcycle/Bike, Paintball, or simply Hiking/Camping out in the cold weather is perfect for these occasions

 A MUST HAVE for your camping/survival supply, emergency pantry, bug out bag, and/or general disaster survival preparedness

$1.00 per Mask shipping added after initial purchase

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