Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nuclear Alert: Radioactive Leak at New Mexico Nuclear Dump/Dept of Energy Investigating | LA Times/CNN

Nuclear Alert: Radioactive Leak at Carlsbad New Mexico  WIPP Facility - WIPP, the nation’s first and only deep geological nuclear waste repository, takes plutonium-contaminated waste...

FILE - The first load of nuclear waste arrives in this March 26, 1999

 14.2.2014: Radiation alarm at New Mexico nuclear disposal plant [...] a first-of-its-kind response at a nuclear disposal facility outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico, an Energy Department spokesman told CNN. 

17.2.2014: An air monitor at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant detected the spike in an isolated area half a mile below the ground. The incident prompted an immediate shutoff of filtered air from the facility into the environment [...] “This is the first time we had to close off air filtered by the facility to the outside,”  (CNN)

18.2.2014: Officials at the site discounted any effect on human health, saying no radiation had escaped to the surface and no workers were exposed. So far, it is unknown what caused the release of radioactivity inside the repository, built in ancient salt beds 2,150 feet below the surface. (LA Times)

Energy Department probes radioactive leak at New Mexico nuclear dump

Monday, February 17, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Breaking: FED OK Marijuana Money for Banks | Post


Now we can operate like Businesses.  



Workers trimming leaves from pot plants to be packaged and sold at Medicine Man marijuana dispensary in Denver.
Photograph by Brennan Linsley/AP Photo

Feds OK marijuana banking; establish guidelines

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Banks were given a green light Friday to offer services to the legal marijuana industry, but must continue to report any suspicious activity specific to that industry to federal authorities.
The historic step brings marijuana businesses closer to legitimacy in states where pot is already legal, but it falls short of the legislative action many banks want to see before doing business with marijuana operators. That will be up to Congress to consider.
In a joint statement, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, said the move gives “greater financial transparency” to an industry that remains illegal in nearly every state.
It also makes clear that banks would be helping law enforcement with “information that is particularly valuable” in filing regular reports that offer insights about how marijuana businesses work.
“Law enforcement will now have greater insight into marijuana business activity generally,” FinCEN said in a news release, “and will be able to focus on activity that presents high-priority concerns.”

Previous coverage about marijuana banking.

Banks currently must file a suspicious activity report any time it suspects a transaction has a drug connection. Under the new guidance, banks would have three tiers of SARs specific to marijuana businesses dependent on levels of concern.
“This reduces the burden on banks,” a senior FinCEN official said in a briefing before the guidance was officially announced. “Marijuana under federal law requires a SAR. Now, the necessity is limited, reducing the banks’ burden a bit and more importantly clarifies where law enforcement focuses its attention.”
The marijuana-specific reports are either “marijuana limited,” “marijuana priority,” and “marijuana termination,” which identifies the business as operating normally or having some measure of truly suspicious activity.
Colorado-based U.S. Attorney John Walsh said the guidance clarifies how law enforcement and banking will approach what’s been a sticky issue.
The “guidance seeks to mitigate the public safety concerns created by high-volume cash-based businesses without access to banking and the financial system, while at the same time ensuring that criminal organizations, gangs and drug cartels do not have access to the financial system to launder criminal proceeds,” Walsh said in a statement.

Colorado marijuana sales
Colorado and Washington are the only states to allow legal recreational marijuana sales while 20 about others allow medical marijuana.

“Now that some states have elected to legalize and regulate the marijuana trade, FinCEN seeks to move from the shadows the historically covert financial operations of marijuana businesses,” FinCEN director Jennifer Shasky Calvery said in a statement.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sinkhole Swallows Corvettes at Museum in Kentucky - Video | National Corvette Museum/FoxNews

"The Horror..." - Kurtz

Sinkhole opens up at National #Corvette Museum, swallows cars

Breaking: New Security VIDEO:

Sinkhole Security Camera Footage

corvettemuseum corvettemuseum·169 videos

Published on Feb 12, 2014
Video footage from the National Corvette Museum security cameras showing the sinkhole collapse in the Skydome.

The museum says it is assessing damage before moving other cars away from the sinkhole. (National Corvette Museum)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Atlanta store shelves emptied of Bread in "preparation" for Snowpocalypse II - Why We Prep | twitchy/Off Grid Survival

Severe Bread Shortage Alert:

Ahead of #SnowpocalypseII ATL grocery store shelves are cleared of all Bread and Flour related food preps as well as Milk, and Eggs.

OMG!!! We gotta get to the Bread Aisle!!!

Don't be that guy.

Stay Prepared.

google+Madtown Preppers @MadtownPreppers on the twitter...

Milk, eggs, and bread are gone from all Atlanta Krogers. Must be some kind of French toast festival going on. @Phil_the_Bucket February 10, 2014
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@wsbtv @BradNitzWSB empty bread shelf...people were fighting. Yes fighting.

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Fukushima Lies - Disaster Survival Magazine - Live tonight on Situational Preparedness | DSM

Issue #3 is OUT NOW, Our most exciting issue yet. 

Special Report: FUKUSHIMA LIES is it the worst disaster in history? 

5 SHTF Scenarios 2 Prep For, After Amerika: Post Collapse Skills , CYBER SECURITY What you can do. Mark Of the Beast-When the time comes will you accept the mark? Prepping 101:Back 2 Basics, Art at the the End of the World Featuring Alexius S Vitaly of Romantically Apocalyptic. Prepping 

When You’re Poor, A Quick Start Guide to Prepare For Disaster When You Live In A Small Space, Bug Out Bag Essentials, Airsoft for tactical training. 

FREE radiation detector Giveaway from Soeks-usa and much more only in #DisasterSurvivalMagazine.

We will be on USAEBN's #SitPrep tonight 6p EST 05.02.2014 - Use the Link below to tune in Live:



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USA Emergency Broadcasting Network


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Tesla finishes World Record Cross Country Rally on Supercharger Network | #DriveFree/Tesla Motors Blog

Congratulations to the Tesla Motors Team for the Guinness World Record Coast to Coast Electric Vehicle Rally!!!

The total trip logged 3464.5 Miles and consumed 1197.8 kWh on the #Tesla #Supercharger Network without using any gasoline or paying for the juice at the Supercharger stations.

Tesla Motors is a True American Electric Vehicle:

New Video via +Tesla Motors 

Tesla Motors via Google
You've seen the 15 second trailers, now watch our full Coast to Coast Rally highlights:

OFFICIAL: We have made it to New York City! Our Coast to Coast Rally is complete!
NebudchenezzarShipwk @NebudchenezzarS

“Throughout the journey, Tesla’s rally team was privileged to meet fans from around the country at Superchargers in Worthington, MN, Macedonia, OH, and Newark, DE, among others,” wrote Tesla’s Hamish McKenzie. “These fans brought firm handshakes, warm smiles, hot coffee, and a fierce pride in their vehicles.” He also noted that the Tesla employees that participated in the drive were all “directly involved with the construction, operation, and deployment” of the Supercharger network, which is still expanding. Superchargers, which are free to use for Model S owners, are situated in more than 85 locations worldwide, with many more due to come online in the next couple of years. Aside from not costing users a cent, Superchargers are also faster than regular charging: they replenish half a charge in as little as 20 minutes. Father-daughter combination John and Jill Glenney were quick to claim the mantle of "first electric car drive across America using only Superchargers," completing the cross country drive last week as Tesla energized the final stations along the route." - Tesla Blog

Cross Country Rally: Across the Finish Line | Blog | Tesla Motors

At 7:30am today, two Tesla Model S sedans rolled quietly to a stop outside New York's City Hall to set a record speed time for an electric vehicle crossing the United States. The team had just driven the two

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Breaking: Jack is Back - 24: Live Another Day Trailer airs during Super Bowl | FOX/DigitalSpy

Don't worry.

Jack is Back

#24 #LiveAnotherDay Series Trailer

Aired tonight on the Super Bowl (#StonerBowl)

two words:



Street Chaos | 24: Live Another Day | FOX BROADCASTING
Published on Feb 2, 2014
Heroic agent Jack Bauer attempts to thwart an unthinkable terrorist attack in London that could change the world forever. MAY 5 on FOX!


TV News

24: Live Another Day: Jack Bauer is back in Super Bowl trailer

Flag on the Play: Why Stoner Bowl is no Laughing Matter - NJ to exploreMarijuana Legalization | Drug Policy Alliance

The recent Legalization of Marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington have far reaching effects in areas of Business, Economics, and Criminal Justice in the rest of the Country.
With the criminal aspect removed these States have hit upon a winning combination.
As the "Big Game" to be played in New Jersey, that State is planning a journey into the recreational Legalization of Marijuana (Medical is already Legal).
WE are the ones who can make this happen in our States.
Let's Act on it.
And don't forget, there is a football game to be played.
Enjoy the #StonerBowl!!!

Flag on the Play: Why the #StonerBowl is No Laughing Matter

It is time to recognize that ending marijuana prohibition can and should be a tool to help address institutional racism. The jubilance of the #StonerBowl at the Meadowlands taunts the more than 600,000 families in New York whose lives have been shattered by racist, unlawful, and expensive marijuana arrests. Photo: AP
January 31, 2014 - By Kassandra Frederique

With both Denver and Seattle playing this week’s Super Bowl, the news is full of marijuana puns, and jokes about the #StonerBowl.  Yet as someone invested in the drug policy reform movement and acutely aware of how much marijuana prohibition has harmed communities of color, I struggle to find the humor. irony of the Super Pot Bowl being held in the stadium of the two New York City football teams should not be lost on anyone. New York, after all, is the marijuana arrest capital of the world, with tens of thousands of marijuana possession arrests every year. Young Black and Latino men make up over 85 percent of the arrests in New York City; and in areas like Buffalo and Syracuse, it’s over 90 percent.

As my second-favorite Manning brother throws touchdowns, somewhere in Bedford Stuyvesant, a young Black man will face his first arrest – handcuffed, taken to the station, photographed, fingerprinted, and given a permanent arrest record – all for a simple marijuana possession.