Monday, February 4, 2013

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network News Hour 02/04 by USA Emergency Broadcasting Network | Blog Talk Radio

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network News Hour 02/04 by USAEBN | Blog Talk Radio 


USA EBN News Hour airs on Monday Night at 5PM EST (4pm CST, 2pm PST), is a show that will give you a overview of current events that affect your Disaster Preparedness planning and possible warning of events taking place that might cause a disaster.

You can hear the show at or at our website at If you are unable to listen to the show live, you can always get your free download copy of the show after it runs, by visiting the USA Emergency Broadcasting Network Website a clicking the play button on the USAEBN Radio.
This Week's show features a guest host, Andre from USAEBN's Situational Preparedness (Wed 5P CST).

The incoming Asteroid 2012DA14 which will pass earth on Feb 14
Tornado/Severe Weather Preparedness
Exit/Safety Strategies at Large Events - Brazil Fire/Super Bowl Outage - Know your Exits!

Remember Disaster Preparedness is as easy as A-B-C
Always be informed by listening to USA EBN
Build a Kit
Create a plan

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