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Post Survival Scenarios and Tactics

We've received some Great Info recently re: Post Survival Scenarios, Planning, and Tactics.  Featuring Guest Posts via good ol' FB.  Thanks for the Great Info Guys!
A couple of Sites to definitely check out:

Alive After.comSurvivalist Social Network - A Community dedicated to survivalists, preppers, and beginners... Learn, share knowledge, and help teach preparedeness for survival.
Prepperlinks on FB - Prepperlinks is a website that brings preppers and information together we host many links to different websites as well as many free to download ebooks and PDFs

Yeah, I know its misspelled, the point is Accurate.

The First 30 Days: Survival After the Fact (Guest Post)

Posted: 28 Jul 2012 10:30 PM PDT
It has happened, the Doomsday scenario has happened and you find yourself holed up in your home, shelter, apartment.. etc. You need Water and Food. If you have been planning for this day you will probably have them stored and ready, if not you need to get them.


Water is one of the most important items in your check list for survival. But what if you don't have any stored?

Get a garden hose and attach it to the tank output spigot of your hot water heater. Open the spigot and fill a pan with the water, try to pass the water through a strainer with coffee filters lining it. this will filter out most of the big crap that has settled at the bottom of your hot water tank over time.

If you have the ability to make fire, boil the water to kill any nasty bugs that might be in it, or better yet, if you have a pressure cooker distill the water.

You now have some source of water, you can do this to water from a stream, river, or to snow if need be. Also, as gross as it may sound the water tank on the back of your toilet will have anywhere from 2 to 5 gallons of water in it also. Do the same treatment as the water from the hot water tank.



Anything in a can that you can open, if it is a small can like 15.x oz size, eat it all and eat 3 cans a day. Doesn't matter what it is as long as you get food into your gut!

If it is the 60oz Size, #10 size can, get some resealable freezer bags and dump the leftover from the can into the freezer bag and eat it over the next day and a half. It will be boring to eat and even bland, and selection will be lacking, but that is not the issue right now. You need to survive so you need to eat.

Don't be afraid to eat the cat or dog you see running around, most of us live in a city where deer and other like animals are not around. Learn to Field dress each animal beforehand.

Also you will have very little time between seasons to gather and store food for the winter months. Make the most of your food gathering time and plan well into the future.

Make a garden and plant lots of different vegetables and fruits. Potatoes and onions last awhile but most of your stuff will need to be canned to last through a winter.

City Life:

People will leave the Cities in droves, try to search empty homes for food to eat, just watch out for the gangs that will eventually start coming out also. Do a lot of your work at night via cover of darkness, shutoff your flashlight, get a flashlight that has a red lens so you are not spotted 7 miles away.

In the city you will have to deal with roving gangs out to either kill you and then steal your food, or steal your food and leave you for dead.

GET A WEAPON if you do not already have one.

Most people will die in the first 30 days of starvation, this will leave the groups of people that banded together and planned or that raided others to get their food. If you Prep and stored food, enough for 30 days, try to lay as low as possible, or better yet get your stuff together and move out after dark to better locations, like out to the country side, BEYOND the suburbs.

Find a high vantage point and a pair of Bino's and search around the neighborhood during the day, and look for flash lights at night.

Be Prepared to move around as you make your way out of the city, plan where you will go next as you make your way to the country side.

Be mindful of the season, if it is End of winter, beginning of spring you will have some time to plan and gather food for the next winter. If it is summer, fall you may have to stay put and collect food for the winter in the city. Just keep in mind in winter you will need warm cloths and a source of heat to keep you warm during the cold days and nights.

Country Life:

Lay low; if anyone comes to your door tell them to go away. Board up your home as much as possible on the lower levels. Barricade your doors on the inside and add in as much security as you can. Build yourself an underground bunker, Root cellar, and storage locations on your property. Houses can be burnt down, you need to make something underground to keep you and your loved ones safe.

A great portion of people will be heading your way form the cities and you will want to be able to defend your home and supplies.

Like in the Cities there will be roving gangs, not as many but just as tough and ruthless.

DO NOT FALL FOR ANY SOB STORIES... they can get you killed.

Band together with your surviving neighbors, you lived next door to them, so you know them, but don't trust them completely, and they have the same agenda, keep their families alive also.

It comes down to surviving the first 30 days and planning ahead. Start now putting food aside for when you need it most, like when it is not available to buy and eat.


FREE Documents for survival, Power generation, Weapons - A lot of very good information for survival.

Free Solar Book

LifeStraw Personal Portable Water Filter - $23.95 -

Four points to think of in your survival planning:

Guest Post 11:55pm Jul29
1) Do not become a obvious target for those who can and will want to hurt you. Either be inconspicuous and stay out of sight, or find a good cover story for what you do, (maybe hiding in plain sight) (such as a hobby like Paint Ball, Civil War or other Reenacting, Camping club, like I am a member of your State's Self Defense Force etc. to draw attention away from your prepping) or be and make it known to potential bad guys that you are strong enough to seriously hurt them so that they are afraid of messing with you.

2) Be aware that a regular well armed military force can destroy any target with its air power and precision guided munitions and heavy weapons, survival against such a foe requires being hidden. A good idea in this event is to copy the Viet Cong and the current Taliban, and go "underground" in hides.

3) Don't ever allow yourself to become a refugee. Always retain control over your destiny. Stake out your turf, make your plans and make sure that you never allow yourself to become panicked into mindless flight or obedience to the whim of a government official.

4) Never give up the ability to or the desire to resist. A very important psychological element in survival and personal and retreat protection is to make sure a "Bad Guy" who messes with you knows that even if he wins he looses. Make sure that a fight with you is a bad idea. That is the best way to ensure that you don't have to fight very often.

more at

Basic EDC
An EDC, or Every Day Carry, is a kit that you take with you everywhere. It is smaller than a bug out bag and a bit more than most people usually carry.

Guest Post 8:55pm Jul29

A touch of tactical training:

Danger Areas are any places where movement will expose the unit to enemy observation, fire or both. Units moving should try and avoid danger areas. If a danger area must be crossed do so with great caution and as quickly as possible.

Before crossing a danger area designate near and far side rally points for your unit. Secure the near side both flanks ...and rear. Send a small team across to scout and secure the far side and clear it (both as far as the flanks and the depth) .


Your unit will halt when your lead element signals "Danger Area"

The unit leader will confirm it is a danger area, selects the leader of near and far side security teams.
Near side security posts to secure and over-watch the crossing,
The far side security team crosses the danger area fans out and secures the far side.
Once the far side is cleared the main body moves quickly and quietly across the danger area. (a small unit may cross one at a time, in pairs or in a single rush. A large unit normally crosses all its elements one at a time.)
As each element crosses it moves to a over-watch position or to the far side rally point.
the near side security element then crosses and resumes its place in the formation as the unit continues its mission.

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Planet X: Nibiru, 3600 Year Cycle - Time for a History Review? - Update

#Nibiru #PlanetX #Wormwood #Nemesis #10thPlanet
Is it Real?

From the Twitter:

V838 Mon, a star with an expanding light echo, purported as photographic evidence of Nibiru. 

Something to do some research on.  This is a quick search search we did.  Dunno, sounds right.
The Math is correct.  Think about it, a 3600 year cycle????
Some media people are calling this a comet.  Well, a SOLID, large Comet, then.
Agree with the post that this will have significant effects on our environment as well as Solar Storms.
We still have 8 months to go in this violent solar cycle we are in.

Actual #Hubble Evidence of Planet X / Nibiru:
Brown Dwarf Star and Companion - @NASA


If something happens every 3600 years 2 go back twice that is when the Egyptians died off and things changed go back another 3600 is about Noah's time the government knows it exists they been watching it since 83 its on a 3600 year appogy it comes around every 3600 years and i guess its slated to pass threw before long along with the fact the 10/12 planets will all line up in a row on 12 21 12 each time for the last 2 years or so that we have had a 3 planet alignment we had a 8.0 or bigger quake combined that with these earth heating inductive heating solar flares SHIT COULD GET PRETTY CRAZY

JUST DO A LIL RESEARCH AND TIME TABLES GO LOOK WHATS 3600 YEARS OLD "ICE AGE" GREAT LAKES " ETC ETC THEN GO SEE WHATS 7200 OLD AND 10.800 " NOAH'S FLOOD" pretty interesting every 3600 years we as a population seems to bottle neck but 10% all ways live.

    Soho: Fragments from Comet Elenin hit the Sun and cause Coronal Mass Elenin has broken up! Parts of this comet are hitting the sun and causing Coronal mass ejections.
      Michael Lay

      Nibiru visible in Antarctica February 27, unidentified object in the sky. Phase: 2 days + 0 Quarter Visible

      Monday, July 23, 2012

      Friendly Reminder - Executive Order 3/16/2012 - National Defense Resource Preparedness

      Ok folks, I grabbed this when it was released March 16th.  Read it carefully.  I have posted the Order in its entirety here.  Not quite sure how long it will be available on the WH website:

      The White House
      Office of the Press Secretary

      Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness


      By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (50 U.S.C. App. 2061 et seq.), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, and as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows:


      Thursday, July 19, 2012

      Nebudchenezzar Shipworks New Online Store!

      RSS New Products

      SOLAR WEATHER ALERT - AR 1520 Goodbye Kiss M7.7 Flare

      SOLAR WEATHER ALERT (FLARE M7.7 eruption and CME)

      AR 1520 gave us a goodbye kiss today by emitting a M7.7 solar Flare and a CME. Although the sunspot is about to transverse into the far side of the sun, Magnetic forces, called backward-spiraling lines of magnetic force, the earth will feel the effects of this eruption with a mild radiation storm, which is currently underway. The CME plasma cloud is directed away from the earth and no geomagnetic storm is predicted at this time.

      The rest of the sun’s earth side face looks clear, so that means we should have a few days of peace and quiet.
      The explosion produced a bright coronal mass ejection: movie. The cloud should miss Earth.
      Although the explosion occurred on the other side of the sun's western limb, our planet could feel some effects. The blast site is magnetically connected to Earth by backward-spiralling lines of magnetic force. Protons accelerated by the flare are being guided to us by those lines of magnetism, and a mild radiation storm is underway. -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids
      Sunspot complex AR1520-1521 erupted again on July 19th, this time producing an M7-class solar flare that almost crossed the threshold into X-territory. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash. -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids


      Wednesday, March 27, 2013

      NebShip Shop

      Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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      These guys are cool.  Prepper Tools/Resources.  Great Service.
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      AliveAfter Survivalist Community - New Site Worth Checking Out | Update

      AliveAfter - Survivalist Social Community @

      Editor's Note:
      At this time, the AliveAfter community is no longer up.

      Check out Madtown Preppers on Facebook.  We are Alive...
      AliveAfter Survival Community
      AliveAfter Survivalist Social Community - Survivalists/Preppers Focused Social Networking Community

      AliveAfter Survivalist Social Network

      Join for free right now, and invite your local survivalist friends and family to connect locally! We are a focused Social Network dedicated to Survivalists, Preppers, and Beginners who are just starting to prepare themselves. Enjoy sharing your own experiences, educated insights, and helping others prepare for any potentially devastating disaster.

      >>What can I say, I'm on a LOT of blogs, sites, FB frenzies, Army/Navy Surplus Sites, Gun Enthusiast blogs, Homesteading/Bushcraft sites, and my own Business site.  I spend a lot of time on these different sites to see what's new, what people are talking about, Breaking News, and tips and advice from others.

      I look at all this work to be part of being in the Prepper community.  People sharing knowledge, information, products, tips, and just being Organized/Involved.  
      Sometimes it's good to know that We are not in this Alone.

      I was asked to check out AliveAfter from a colleague who said it was new and had potential.

      Well, this guy was right, AliveAfter brings together the Survivalist/Prepper Community to a relatively new area: What do we do after we Survive.

      It is a pretty cool group of folks that say it like it is w/o politics, back-biting, and unhelpful/useless communication sometimes found on blogs recently.

      They do it right.  Slick site interactives, Self Assessment tools, Events, and interior groups of different interests.  I like the fact that it lives in the Google + area, helps to see a different perspective and link some things not normally possible on FB.

      Check it Out.  Good People. Informative site.  Well thought out.


      Be Prepared for Biological Outbreaks with a Pandemic Influenza #QuickKit +NebShip Shop


      fb: Madtown Preppers Page +Madtown Preppers @MadtownPreppers

      Madtown Preppers Alerts are for informational use only. These alerts purpose is to inform you of news events in order for you to adjust your family preparedness programs. We believe that knowledge is power and in order for you to make informed decisions, we try and bring you verified information, not to increase fear but to inform you. We do not endorse any of the sources we link to in any article.  

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      Storming of the Bastille Summer Raffle Winners!!!

      Storming of the Bastille Summer Raffle Winners List

      Thanks to everyone who participated in the Madtown Preppers Summer Raffle Promo!
      We had a tremendous response with a lot of you returning/sharing knowledge with your friends.
      Over the weekend as the end of the promotion was nearing (July 14), we got blindsided with a CME and subsequent preparations that such an event would demand.

      Personally speaking, I was a bit freaked out Friday night.
      • Do I have the Faraday Cages/Boxes built correctly?
      • Do I pull all my cash out of the bank?  What good is cash with no Power?
      • Do I have enough: Food, Water, Sundries, Ammo, Security Measures, etc.?
      • What happens if I get stranded in the car?  Do I fill up with gas?
      • How many people do I inform?  Will they believe next time if this is a miss?
      • BASICALLY:  Am I Prepared?
       At the end of the day (or was it the start of the day on Saturday), Nothing really happened and I was unpacking my electronics Saturday night thinking, I STILL have a lot of work to do.  This is inherent in the nature of Prepping.  It's an ongoing process, daily process, Living process.  Every Day.

      Bottom Line:  I think ALL of us that took the most recent near-miss seriously learned a lot about just how Prepared we are.  Practice is a key element in Winning on any level.  Are we closer to winning?

      That's a question that can be asked and debated for a long time.  Do you know more today and have a better Game Plan than on Thursday night?  That's a question only You and Your loved ones can answer.

      Me, personally, I came to a couple of conclusions:
      • This is REAL!  It can Happen and Will.
      • We are closer to the chances of any number of scenarios happening at the same time than arguably any time in Human History.
      • We are Organized and Informed.
      • I've got a lot of Work to do!
      With that said here are the Raffle winners drawn randomly from the total number of shares/likes/subscriptions/google share+s.  Winners will be notified via FB Messenger and can send shipping info to or

       Third Prize Winner of:

      LifeStraw Personal Portable Water Filter Purifier

      La Laa Land!!!

      Second Prize Winner of:

      Swiss Volcano Bottle Stove - 3 in 1 Stove/Flask/Cup - Multi Fuel 

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      First Prize Winner of:

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       Danielle LaFollette!!!


      Winners will be contacted today and can reply with their info via FB or e-mail.

      Thanks to Everyone who contributed and continue to support Madtown Preppers but especially each other.