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Prepper Nation - Are Preppers being tracked and Targeted? Update

UPDATE: 19.12.2012 Crackdown on Preppers: Killer’s Mother being called a Paranoid Survivalist Prepper

Over the last couple of years, the media has amped up their efforts to make preppers look crazy, and it seems like it may be working. In fact, we have covered a number of cases where prepping was actually used against individuals in court.

In the latest attack on the preparedness movement, the media is now claiming that the mother of the Connecticut killer was a “paranoid, gun-crazed survivalist” and is theorizing that here “crazy” lifestyle could have been responsible for her son’s killing spree.

In my opinion, preppers need to take this very seriously. It seems like some people are trying to use this tragedy to demonize Preppers, gun owners and anyone who is self reliant. They are yet again trying to make you look crazy and dangerous.
The Daily Mail Reports:
“The mother of the loner… may have played a major part in his catastrophic mental breakdown… Friends and family portrayed Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy as a paranoid ‘survivalist’ who believed the world was on the verge of violent, economic collapse.
Lanza’s aunt Marsha said Nancy was ‘self reliant’ and that they talked a lot about how she was preparing for the economic meltdown.
In one case, law enforcement was able to obtain a search warrant simply by stating a person was a Prepper. In another, a man was declared mentally defective and had his firearms seized by law enforcement officials.
With talk of new gun control legislation coming as a result of this tragedy, I wouldn’t be shocked if Preppers are somehow targeted in this new crackdown. We’ve been warning that peppers and survivalist would eventually become a target, and now I believe the media is using the tragedy in Connecticut to yet again makeP reppers look like the problem.


Prepper Nation - Are we being tracked and Targeted? -
Hey all you Truth-Seekers out there.  Got some writing done on a new site that seems pretty cool,  Google based social site that is relatively new (they recently had a name change are focusing now on the after part of Survival).  I'm on it and some of my friends are on it.  Links your Google stuff if you play that game, uhhh, its google.....

Here' the full copy.  Check Out, interesting twist/change to the gloom and doom of "regular Prepper sites.

Editors Note: The Link and URL to the original article are no longer valid. _MP

Prepper Nation - Are we being Tracked and Targeted?

I've been hacked.  I've been "checked out."The more I get closer to the Truth, the harder it gets.

So, I do everything I do is in the open (mostly),  the hide in plain site/I'm not breaking the Law here.  But, especially lately, the net seems to be tightening on everything and everyone, the Markets are going to fail.  Protests will turn to riots, Food will be scarce, etc....
Those of us taking care of each other and pursuing the Path of the Truth and Good, must put up with some b.s., whether that be from bosses, co-workers, Friends/Family (who are concerned that you've lost your mind, well find out your own Bug-Out bro...), we need to stay Focused and United that We will get through this.
Sometimes people (not Preppers), refuse to face the facts, follow the patterns, do the math, or flat out plug their ears and humm when faced with the Truth.  When asked what's going to happen, I reply with one question: "How much Truth do you want?"  That separates a few.
I recently did some promo work and research work with a production co. out of LA that sincerely wanted to do a show on Real Preppers, not the freaks on NatGeo (btw 13g of protein in 1 cricket, bullshit, or that puppy is genetically modified or radiated...)  The agent assured me that the network wanted to follow/train families on Prepping and be real about it.  She had a question: "Andre, why do most of the Real Preppers not want to do media?"
Well, just for the same reasons you don't put your entire armory on FB, or show of your Preps.  Ask David Sarti that question, oh wait, he is still in jail awaiting something.
THIS IS AMERICA  We will defend her.  Just watch what you say and do.  Be Careful.  How many people would you Trust with your life?  Loose Lips....
Share Knowledge, Help People, Take care of the Earth, LIVE!

Ahh, One can Dream....

Thanks for listening,  let me know what you think.  I'd hate to think they want to arrest all of us.



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