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MERS Outbreak Update: 3 Suspected Cases in Hong Kong - reports of Virus being Airborne | USAEBN/CNN


MERS Outbreak Update:Suspected cases of MERS confirmed in Hong Kong/Virus May be Airborne

We have been following the developing spread of the #MERSOutbreak here and have noticed an increase in the con-tractability of the Virus and its spread.

USA Emergency Broadcasting originally posted the report out of Hong Kong of 3 suspected cases of the MERS Co-V (coronavirus).
The virus was also discovered in the air in a Camel Barn in Saudi Arabia last week...

But does that mean MERS is easily transmitted through the air?

"What they say is that virus particles can be airborne, but it's premature to conclude that MERS is transmitted through aerosols," said Dr. Mark Denison, a professor of pathology, microbiology and immunology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee.

Continue to maintain Proper Handwashing Procedures and Monitor the reports of spread and serious possibility of Pandemic stage...
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MERS Report Update: 3 Suspected Cases reported in Hong Kong

CNN: MERS may be airborne, scientists say

(CNN) -- The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, better known as MERS, may be an airborne virus, according to an observation paper published Tuesday in the journal mBio.There have been 836 laboratory-confirmed cases of MERS infection since its first appearance in 2012, according to the latest numbersprovided by the World Health Organization. At least 288 related deaths have officially been reported to the WHO.Scientists are still trying to figure out how the deadly virus is transmitted. courtesy:

MERS Outbreak Update 28.07.2014:

July 27 - July 28, 2014:Status: Three Suspected MERS cases being Investigated in Hong Kong - Ongoing

*This is an ongoing story, and here at USA Emergency Broadcasting Network, we can confirm the legitimacy of the source, yet cannot confirm numbers at this time. USAEBN will continue to monitor this and other Biological Threats as we encounter more information. -*

"MERS is a statutorily notifiable infectious disease and the PHLSB is capable of detecting the virus. No human cases have been recorded so far in Hong Kong," the spokesman said. "The Government will be as transparent as possible in the dissemination of information. Whenever there is a suspected case, particularly involving patients with travel history to the Middle East, the CHP will release information to the public as soon as possible," - Centre for Health spokesman

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"The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) is today (July 28) investigating two suspected cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) affecting a 34-year-old man and a 45-year-old woman, and called on the public to stay alert and maintain good personal, food and environmental hygiene during travel. In addition, the CHP provided an update on the suspected case of MERS notified yesterday (July 27). The 2-year-old boy's respiratory specimen tested negative for MERS Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The first patient is a 34-year-old man with good past health. He travelled from Pakistan to Hong Kong via Dubai yesterday and arrived in Hong Kong today. He has presented with fever and vomiting and was screened to have fever at the Hong Kong International Airport today. He was subsequently transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital for isolation. He is currently in stable condition. The second patient is a 45-year-old woman with good past health. She returned to Hong Kong from Paris via Dubai on July 25 and arrived in Hong Kong on July 26. She has presented with fever and diarrhoea since yesterday and was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital for isolation today. She is currently in stable condition. Both patients' respiratory specimens have been collected for laboratory testing by the CHP's Public Health Laboratory Services Branch (PHLSB). Their travel collaterals have remained asymptomatic. Regarding the suspected case of MERS notified yesterday, the 2-year-old boy's nasopharyngeal aspirate tested negative for MERS-CoV upon preliminary laboratory testing by the CHP's PHLSB. The patient travelled with his family from Dubai to Hong Kong on July 23.

He has presented with fever since July 24 and cough since July 26. He was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital on July 26 and has been in stable condition. His travel collaterals remain asymptomatic. "We strongly advise travel agents organising tours to the Middle East not to arrange camel rides and activities involving camel contact, which may increase the risk of infection. In addition,

Monday, July 28, 2014

Biological Alert: Ebola Outbreak Update 8/6/14 - Alert | AP/Time/CDC

#Ebola Outbreak Alert Update 

Update 06.08.2014:

CDC tests show NYC patient does not have Ebola

Update 30.07.2014:

Doctor who died in Nigeria was an American flying back to U.S.

(CNN) - Patrick Sawyer had one stop to make before heading home to Minnesota to celebrate his daughters' birthdays: a conference in Lagos, Nigeria.
But when he landed in Lagos, Sawyer, 40, collapsed getting off the plane. He had been infected with Ebola in Liberia, where he worked as a top government official in the Liberian Ministry of Finance.
Sawyer was isolated at a local Nigerian hospital on July 20. He died five days later.

CDC elevates Travel Warnings to region for American travelers


The American physician, 33-year-old Dr. Kent Brantly, was in Liberia helping to respond to the outbreak that has killed 129 people nationwide when he fell ill, according to the North Carolina-based medical charity, Samaritan’s Purse. - Samaritan's Purse—Reuters

MONROVIA, Liberia) — One of Liberia's most high profile doctors has died of Ebola, and an American physician was being treated for the deadly virus. A second American, a missionary working in the Liberian capital, was also taken ill and was being treated in isolation there, said the pastor of a North Carolina church that sponsored her work.