Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Severe Weather Alert: SC/SW Wisconsin - Tornado on the Ground (Jellystone Park - Grant Co) - NBC15 Stormmode

TORNADO on the Ground - Grant Co, WI

Tornado Warning for Sauk, Grant, Richland Counties

Muscoda, Lone Rock, LaCrosse, Prairie du Chien.  Line is moving N/NE at 50 mph.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for SC WI until 2 AM CDT

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Biological Alert: New SARS-like Virus is a 'Threat to the entire World'/First coronavirus sufferer in France dies | Reuters/CNN/WHO


Monday, June 3, 2013

Biological Alert: Coronavirus - MERS-CoV Spreads to Italy | Reuters/CNN/WHO


(CNN)-[The sometimes deadly MERS-CoV virus has spread to Italy, the World Health Organization said in statements this weekend.
Sunday's announcement that two female patients had contracted the virus follows one Saturday that said a 45-year-old man, who had recently traveled to Jordan, had become infected. They are the first three known cases in Italy.
Middle East respiratory symptom coronavirus, or MERS-CoV, acts like a cold virus and attacks the respiratory system, the U.S.-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said. But symptoms, which include fever and a cough, are severe and can lead to pneumonia and kidney failure.

Of the 53 known infections with the virus, 30 have resulted in death since September 2012, the organization said. Precise data are not available on the total number of people who have been infected because it is difficult to tell how many get a mild form of the infection.]

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First coronavirus sufferer in France dies in hospital | Reuters

We will cover this and Severe Weather Alerts and more on tonight's #SitPrep

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["The world needs to pull together its resources to properly tackle the virus which, Chan said, is her "greatest concern" at present.
"We understand too little about this virus when viewed against the magnitude of its potential threat," she said, and more information is needed "quickly" and "urgently."
"We do not know where the virus hides in nature. We do not know how people are getting infected. Until we answer these questions, we are empty-handed when it comes to prevention. These are alarm bells. And we must respond," she said.] Chan,Director/General - WHO
Watch this video

New SARS-like virus is a 'threat to the entire world'

By CNN Staff
updated 8:34 PM EDT, Tue May 28, 2013

  • NEW: "These are alarm bells," said World Health Organization director-general
  • NEW: The WHO dubs the virus MERS-CoV
  • Patient with novel coronavirus dies of organ failure, French hospital reports
  • Half of those diagnosed with the virus have died, experts say
(CNN) -- A new SARS-like virus recently found in humans is "a threat to the entire world," according to the director-general of the United Nations' World Health Organization.

The so-called novel coronavirus "is not a problem that any single affected country can keep to itself or manage all by itself," Margaret Chan said Monday in her closing remarks at the 66th World Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GMO Protests in 436 Cities Worldwide - AP

Demonstrators rally against Monsanto in global anti-GMO protest - 436 Cities Worldwide - AP

People carry signs during a protest against Monsanto in Montpelier, Vt. on Saturday, May 25, 2013. Marches and rallies against seed giant Monsanto were held across the U.S. and in dozens of other countries Saturday. Protesters say they want to call attention to the dangers posed by genetically modified food and the food giants that produce it. Monsanto Co., based in St. Louis, said Saturday its seeds improve agriculture by helping farmers produce more from their land while conserving resources such as water and energy. (Mark Collier/Associated Press)

By Associated Press,  Published: MAY 25, 11:48 PM ET

LOS ANGELES — Protesters rallied in dozens of cities Saturday as part of a global protest against seed giant Monsanto and the genetically modified food it produces, organizers said.
Organizers said “March Against Monsanto” protests were held in 52 countries and 436 cities, including Los Angeles where demonstrators waved signs that read “Real Food 4 Real People” and “Label GMOs, It’s Our Right to Know.”
Genetically modified plants are grown from seeds that are engineered to resist insecticides and herbicides, add nutritional benefits or otherwise improve crop yields and increase the global food supply.
Most corn, soybean and cotton crops grown in the United States today have been genetically modified. But critics say genetically modified organisms can lead to serious health conditions and harm the environment. The use of GMOs has been a growing issue of contention in recent years, with health advocates pushing for mandatory labeling of genetically modified products even though the federal government and many scientists say the technology is safe.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Off Grid Nissan LEAF Project - Update

Congratulations to Nissan and the workers in Smyrna, TN for the Fastest Selling Vehicle in America!!!

Join the LEAF Revolution.

Nissan LEAF Crosses 25,000 U.S. Sales Milestone

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – After the all-electric Nissan LEAF’s best sales month ever in March and a 423.5 percent year-over-year sales increase in April, Nissan LEAF continues to make history by crossing the 25,000 sales threshold, reinforcing LEAF’s position as the world’s best-selling electric vehicle.
“From the beginning our goal with LEAF has been to bring affordable, zero-emission transportation to the mass market in a practical, fun-to-drive package,” said Erik Gottfried, Nissan director of electric vehicle (EV) marketing and sales strategy. “With more than 25,000 LEAFs in the U.S. and 62,000 around the world, we’re seeing the adoption curve for EVs accelerate, and there is tremendous interest not only on the West Coast but in a number of new strongholds like Atlanta, Raleigh, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis and many more.”
Nissan LEAF sales have risen steadily since the vehicle’s launch and have grown tremendously compared to the previous year with sales jumping several-fold in LEAF’s traditionally high-performing markets such as San Francisco—where LEAF was the top-selling vehicle for the Nissan brand in April—Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and San Diego.
“Pioneering the EV trail with LEAF, we’ve had the opportunity to evaluate the purchase process of EV buyers. We have maintained an ongoing dialogue with our customers, and through that we’ve learned just how different the process is for buying a LEAF versus a traditional gas-powered car,” said Gottfried.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Avian Flu Update: Human Immunity to H7N9 is low

The level of immunity to the recently circulating H7N9 influenza virus in an urban and rural population in Vietnam is very low, according to the first population level study to examine human immunity to the virus, which was previously only found in birds.

Research | Estimates reveal low population immunity to new bird flu virus H7N9 in humans

The findings have implications for planning the public health response to this pandemic threat.
The study used a new, high throughput method that allows blood samples to be analysed for antibodies to multiple human and animal influenza viruses at the same time and is easier to standardise than previous techniques. However, the assay is yet to be validated clinically for the H7N9 virus, and the researchers caution that the results must be interpreted with care.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Urban Survival Gardening on SitPrep

On tonight's episode of #SituationalPreparedness we will be discussing #UrbanSurvivalGardens with Stephen from Terroir Seeds:

Live tonight 5p CDT/6p EDT Call 347 539-5154

Russian Dacha Gardening – Homescale Agriculture Feeding Everyone

Dacha Gardening

There are a growing number of conversations and discussions taking place around the country, in person and online, about a highly important emerging question – how are we going to feed ourselves with a growing population, diminishing resources and a challenging climate?
We see news reports of crop devastation from droughts, floods and other weather related impacts around the world. There was a world-wide food shortage in 2008, causing a sharp spike in wheat prices that started a series of governmental overthrows in the Middle East. Clearly, food is important in a way that many have not thought about here in the United States. We didn’t experience much in the way of price spikes in 2008, but if we look, there is clear evidence that we are experiencing our own price increases; they are just in a different manner.

The prices for food, when compared to a couple of years ago, have risen significantly, even here in America. Our food system is complex, with major food companies and distributors absorbing the brunt of price increases and passing them along in increments, instead of all at once, so that we are not as aware of the increases in food prices. With a severe drought across most of the country in 2012, and winter moisture levels significantly below normal for this year (2013), more crop failures are predicted along with higher prices.
It is natural that this conversation is beginning to happen. In venues ranging from upscale coffee shops to rural diners to governmental meetings, more and more people are asking, “How are we going to feed ourselves?” The conversation more often than not becomes some form of commercial vs. small scale agriculture, with both sides speaking passionately about the benefits of their systems and judiciously pointing out the shortcomings and detriments of the other systems. It becomes an either/or argument and is a great example of false dichotomy. 


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Madtown Preppers Alerts are for informational use only. These alerts purpose is to inform you of news events in order for you to adjust your family preparedness programs. We believe that knowledge is power and in order for you to make informed decisions, we try and bring you verified information, not to increase fear but to inform you. We do not endorse any of the sources we link to in any article.  

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Monday, May 20, 2013

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network - facebook/

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network on Facebook


The source for Independent, reliable, verifiable Emergency information

Develop partnerships with government and non-government agencies, in order to bring reliable, verifiable emergency information during times of disaster. Provide the American public with Disaster Preparedness information in order for them to prepare to face the next disaster, natural, man-made or personal.

Severe Weather Update: Tornado Levels 2 Schools/Level 1 Emergency - Moore, OK |

Live Streaming on |

From: Moore Oklahoma Tornado Recovery on fb


24 Confirmed Fatalities;7 of Which are Students from Plaza Towers school; Moore Medical Center Evacuated; Level 1 State Emergency Issued - CNN/KOCO/Gov Office 20:00 23.5.2013

Huge tornado Levels Local Schools, Reporter decribed area:

"Looks like an Atomic Bomb went Off.  Nothing Left..." near Orr Family Farm Western and Santa Fe  
Plaza Tower School and unnamed school...


Time lapse: Two-mile wide tornado moves over Moore, OK

Posted on: 8:05 pm, May 20, 2013, by , updated on: 08:50pm, May 20, 2013
A tornado bore down near the Oklahoma City metropolitan area Monday afternoon, part of a series of severe storms that struck the Midwest this week.
The meteorologist at KFOR in Oklahoma City said the violent and large tornado had a debris ball up to two and a quarter miles wide around 4:15 EST.
The National Weather Service issued an initial finding that the tornado was an EF-4 on the enhanced Fujita scale, the second most-powerful type of twister.
It was on the ground for more than 20 miles. That tornado eventually dissipated, but the damage left behind was likened to a war zone after an atomic explosion. Concrete slabs marked the spots where houses once stood.

Moore, OK 15.31 20.5.2013

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Severe Weather Alert: SC WI/Chicago Severe Thunderstorms/Tornado Watches - NBC15 Stormmode

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Here's the LARGE tornado as it passed just NW of Shawnee, OK. From @themahler

Severe Weather Alert:

Sun, May 19, 2013, 10:19 PM CDT

Local Weather Alert

Special Weather Statement for Dane, WI

Other affected areas: 
Marquette, WI;  Green Lake, WI;  Sauk, WI;  Columbia, WI;  Dodge, WI;  Iowa, WI;  Dane, WI;  Jefferson, WI;  Lafayette, WI;  Green, WI;  Rock, WI;  Walworth, WI

Issued by The National Weather Service
Milwaukee/Sullivan, WI 


Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Chicago 3mi E of Gurnee currently. 21:51 19.3.2013

Tornado Watch and Severe Thunderstorms expected throughout Monday for Central Plains.

Live RADAR courtesy NBC15 Stormmode,

National Coverage via USAEBN Virtual Emergency Operations Center at

Also LIVE NOAA Weather Radio Feeds!!

Stay Informed.

Stay Alert.

Be Prepared.

+Madtown Preppers 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fukushima Update - Study: Concentrated Radioactive Plume on narrow path toward U.S. — Same latitude as Northern California (MAP)

Study: Concentrated Fukushima radioactive plume staying on narrow path toward U.S. — Moving with surface water along 40 N — Same latitude as Northern California (MAP)

Study: Concentrated Fukushima radioactive plume staying on narrow path toward U.S. — Moving with surface water along 40 N — Same latitude as Northern California (MAP)
Published: May 17th, 2013 at 3:51 pm ET
Email Article Email Article
Title: Surface pathway of radioactive plume of TEPCO Fukushima NPP1 released 134Cs and 137Cs

Source: Biogeosciences

Authors: M. Aoyama, M. Uematsu, D. Tsumune, and Y. Hamajima
Date: May 7, 2013

[...] The main body of radioactive surface plume of which activity exceeded 10 Bq m−3 travelled along 40° N and reached the International Date Line on March 2012, one year after the accident. A distinct feature of the radioactive plume was that it stayed confined along 40° N when the plume reached the International Date Line. [...]

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gear2Survive 05/15 by USA Emergency Broadcasting Network | Blog Talk Radio

Gear2Survive 05/15 by USA Emergency Broadcasting Network | Blog Talk Radio

Call 347 539-5154 to Talk

7p CST/8p EST


This Week's Episode: 

Each week the experts will pick one disaster scenario and equip you with the gear and tactics to research and develop to survive and thrive.

Knife Purveyor Marc Lacrimosa has been collecting and selling custom knives for several years. He views each knife as an individual work of art with each knife maker being an artist and steel being his or her canvas.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Space Weather Alert: UPDATE: X-Class Solar Flares in Surge/CME - AR1748 13.5.2013 -

Space Weather Alert: X Class Solar Flares 13.5.2013 -

Solar Region AR1748 is Active - Flare Forecast:
CME Predicted for 17.5.2013
POSSIBLE CME IMPACT ON MAY 17: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hurled into space by the X1-flare of May 15th might deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field on May 17th. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of polar geomagnetic storms when the cloud arrives. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras
Predicted Model:
CHANCE OF FLARES: NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of X-class solar flares and an 80% chance of M-class solar flares today. The source would be active sunspot AR1748, which is turning toward Earth. Solar flare alerts: text, voice
ANOTHER X-FLARE ON MAY 15: When the week began, the sun hadn't unleashed an X-flare all year long. In only two days, sunspot AR1748 has produced four. The latest X-flare from this active sunspot occured on May 15th at 0152 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the extreme ultraviolet flash:

Although the sunspot is not directly facing Earth, this flare might have produced a CME with an Earth-directed component. We are waiting for coronagraph data from SOHO and the twin STEREO probes to check this possibility. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE:3 SEPARATE X-class Flares/CME's AR1748

SOLAR ACTIVITY SURGES: A sunspot on the sun's eastern limb is crackling with powerful X-class solar flares. Just-numbered AR1748 announced itself during the early hours of May 13th with an X1.7-class eruption (0217 UT), quickly followed by an X2.8-class flare (1609 UT) and an X3.2-class flare (0117 UT on May 14). These are the strongest flares of the year so far, and they signal a significant increase in solar activity. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.