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Bell 55 PC Emergency Road First Aid Kit Minimalist Survival Kit | eBay

Bell 55 PC Emergency Road First Aid Kit Minimalist Survival Kit | eBay



BELL 55 pc Roadside Emergency Kit (Blue) + Kommando M-48 - MINIMALIST SURVIVAL KIT- NEW!
On Sale!!!  Save By Combining Both!!!

Roadside Emergency Kit

A Must Have for any Vehicle!!!
  • Adjustable internal compartments
  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 X 9.2 X 4.1 inches
  • Detachable first aid kit
  • No slip fasteners to secure in trunk
  • 8-foot booster cable
  • 2-In-1 screwdriver
  • Cable Ties
  • Car Reference Guide
  • Flashlight
  • 2-"D" cell batteries
  • help sign
  • 24-inches tie down
  • Rain Poncho and more
Minimalist Survival Kit

We’ve gotten back to the basics with our Minimalist Survival Kit.
The M48® Kommando wire saw can cut through wood, metal, plastics, bone and ice with ease. It is designed for anyone needing a quick-cutting and easy-to-carry outdoor tool, and is a great tool for a wide variety of outdoor cutting chores.

If the saw doesn’t quite fit the task at hand, this tactical folder from Ridge Runner® will provide a solution. It features a solid black-coated, partially serrated 3 ¼” stainless steel blade with a durable black ABS handle that can clean fish and game or even cut tough ropes.

Finally, you can stay Warm AND Dry in the worst conditions with our Elite Forces Survival Matches 2-Pack and our best-selling Emergency Survival Sleeping Blanket. These superior Waterproof Matches burn in the strongest wind and rain because they are wax-coated for tough waterproofing. The 2-pack includes 2 safety orange waterproof canisters with built-in striking paper and 20 matches. The 84" x 52" emergency blanket is constructed of polyester material that is 100 percent windproof and waterproof. It reflects up to 90 percent of your body heat back to you, and will not crack, mildew or shrink. It's great for constructing a survival shelter next to the fire to reflect the heat onto your back.
If you’re looking for the basics, then we’ve got you covered with this Minimalist Survival Kit!

Kit Includes:

  1. M48Kommando® Survival Wire Saw
  2. Ridge Runner® Tactical Pocket Knife
  3. Elite Forces™ Waterproof Survival Matches 2-Pack
  4. Reflective Emergency Sleeping Blanket
  This is a must-have for Bug Out Bags/Camping/Emergencies.

  • 22" stainless steel wire saw is the Strongest Wire Saw on the market.
  • 105# Breaking Strain 
  • Stainless steel finger rings make it easy to hold while sawing, and it rolls up neatly into a compact size that is convenient to carry.
  • It can also be used to make a bow saw by cutting a flexible sapling then notching it at both ends to hold the wire saw.
  • This saw is a necessary tool for any survivalist, camper, or hunter looking to have a useful tool which can be carried without adding weight or bulk. 
  • Be careful, this item is DANGEROUS!  Similar to piano wire, if used as a weapon, this could do some serious damage.

US Sales Only - No International Shipping
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