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["The world needs to pull together its resources to properly tackle the virus which, Chan said, is her "greatest concern" at present.

"We understand too little about this virus when viewed against the magnitude of its potential threat," she said, and more information is needed "quickly" and "urgently."
"We do not know where the virus hides in nature. We do not know how people are getting infected. Until we answer these questions, we are empty-handed when it comes to prevention. These are alarm bells. And we must respond," she said.] Chan,Director/General - WHO
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New SARS-like virus is a 'threat to the entire world'

By CNN Staff
updated 8:34 PM EDT, Tue May 28, 2013

UPDATE: 28.2.2013

We had a Guest today call in in the second half of the Show tonight, Christina of NUKED Radio.
She also Hosts the RadChick Radiation Research & Mitigation Page on the ol' Book of face.

I personally have wanted her on SitPrep to discuss Fukushima, Monsanto, ChemTrails, and Definitely Bayou Corne Event.

She always has the most current info on Her Sites, and was Great talking with her about the current situation in LA.

Well, she posted an Update to the Seismic and Growth of the sinkhole and was Kind enough to add our Talk on the last part of the video.  Unexpected and Greatly Appreciated. 
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Published on Feb 27, 2013
Quick sinkhole update and call-in to the "Situational Preparedness Show" with some important info for anyone still living in the area...from today Feb 27, 2013

Must listen for any residents that have not yet evacuated. Pay close attention to what the state geologist Gary Hecox says...NO ONE has ever seen an event like this and there are multiple complexities involved with the subsidence, gasses being released, geological activity and possibility of a collapse. Not to mention the toxic materials that have been stored there for decades.

Entire show archived at


RadChick's links can be found at

Nuked Radio: Radio with RadChick
Editor's Note>>

Please Share this Video and Alert anyone that may be concerned with this Ongoing Tragedy that could turn real Ugly at anytime.

Partnership in Sharing Knowledge for the Greater Good.

Thanks Christina and Jason from Alabama Bushcraft.     

Great Work!
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