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QuakeSwarm near Lakeview, OR has experts stressing Earthquake Preparedness | #VolcanoSeason

Volcano Season Update:


The ongoing #quakeswarm near Lakeview, Oregon on the Nevada border continues to quietly rage on with no let up in more than 2 months.  Yellowstone continues to "Burp" SO2 and Methane, Mt Shasta sheds glaciers, and Mt Saint Helens #MagmaChamber is Re-Charging. With the continued uptick in Global Volcanism and stronger Seismic events on the increase, 

When we will see a significant eruption in the Inter Mountain West?

The previously thought to be Dormant Cascadia Fault Zone is poised for a Major Slippage event. We here at MP are not Seismologists, Volcanologists or Climate Scientists.We can see a Trend and it shows that we are in the middle of what some have deemed #VolcanoSeason. We are not Predicting an Earthquake or Eruption, yet, Be Prepared for Seismic events if you live near one of these areas. _MP

Current reports from the area in the corner of Nevada shows over 120 #quakes in the last 7 Days. The temblors have been growing steadily stronger with time. Six earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater have struck the area since Tuesday and about 40 have struck in the last 24 hours, This week it has just gone crazy 

The swarm is beneath an uninhabited part of the Nevada desert near the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, but officials are telling the public, especially the almost 2,300 residents of Lakeview, to develop earthquake plans if they haven't already.
"If you are not ready for an earthquake, now is an awfully good time to get ready for an earthquake," said Alison Ryan, a spokeswoman for the department. - LATimes.com

Check this page out for more info on Quake Prediction Models:http://dutchsinse.com/12152014-how-to-forecast-an-earthquake/

Northeast California and Nevada Dealing With Swarm Of Earthquakes

About 750 earthquakes, mostly magnitude 2.0 to 3.0, have struck the area about 50 miles southeast of Lakeview, Ore., since the swarm started in July, said Ian Madin, chief scientist for Oregon's Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. "This week it has just gone crazy," Madin said. - LATimes.com

November 7, 2014
By JAVIER PANZAR  Earthquakes

A swarm of hundreds of earthquakes that has been striking a corner of the Nevada desert near the Oregon border for months has intensified in recent days, prompting new warnings from seismologists.  

About 750 earthquakes, mostly magnitude 2.0 to 3.0, have struck the area about 50 miles southeast of Lakeview, Ore., since the swarm started in July, said Ian Madin, chief scientist for Oregon's Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.

The temblors have been growing steadily stronger with time. Six earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater have struck the area since Tuesday and about 40 have struck in the last 24 hours, Madin said.

"This week it has just gone crazy," Madin said.

The swarm is beneath an uninhabited part of the Nevada desert near the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, but officials are telling the public, especially the almost 2,300 residents of Lakeview, to develop earthquake plans if they haven't already.

"If you are not ready for an earthquake, now is an awfully good time to get ready for an earthquake," said Alison Ryan, a spokeswoman for the department.

Scientists believe groundwater is slowly percolating along the faults and building up pressure, making movement on the faults much easier, said John Vidale, director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network at the University of Washington.

"It doesn't necessarily mean anything big is coming, but it does raise the risk there will be a bigger quake in the future," he said. "Ninety-nine percent of the time nothing too dramatic happens, but every now and then there is a good pop and everyone asks why we didn't predict it."

Read more:

Our Top post of 2014:#VolcanoSeason #Yellowstone and Sulphur Dioxide Release http://madtownpreppers.blogspot.com/2014/10/yellowstone-update-major-sulphur.html Madtown Preppers on FB

A NEW #quake / #Volcano post coming up discussing the Lakeview OR/NV #quakeswarm and the Cascadia fault


The map above shows the trail the calderas as the continent has moved over the hot spot.

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Survival Uses for Wood Ash | survivopedia.com

After last Season's Brutality, many Preppers and #OffGridders are turning to Wood as a renewable, reliable Off Grid Heating and Power source.We caught the following from Survivopedia about ideas for the use for the ash that builds up.Stay Safe.

9 Survival Uses of Wood Ash

BIG ash
If you’re going to be burning wood, you’re going to have a ton (maybe literally!) of ash by the end of the winter, so what on earth are you going to do with it all? Re-use it, that’s what! There are a ton of uses for wood ash, and we’re going to touch on a few of those today.
Wood ash is extremely alkaline and contains potassium (potash) and calcium, which makes it great for several different purposes around the farm. It also likely contains sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, manganese, iron, copper, cobalt, magnesium and molybdenum, all of which are great for your plants depending upon your type of soil. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Let’s talk ash!
1. Tanning Hides
If you’ve ventured into the land of tanning at all, you probably know that brains are a common method for naturally tanning the hide into water-resistant, durable leather. However, the brains take forever to get the job done if you don’t break down the natural mucopolysaccharides, called ground substance, that protect the hide.
The Native Americans had this method down, and guess what does the trick! Yup, wood ash and water. Just soak it for 2-4 days and you’ll only have to brain-tan it once.
2. Natural Camouflage
This is kind of a no-brainer but there may come a time when you just don’t want to be seen. You may be hunting or you may be waiting for human predators to invade your space. Whatever the reason, wood ash is a quick, natural camouflage.
On a similar note, sunburn can be lethal and if you don’t have any sunscreen, rub wood ash on your skin to block the sun’s rays.

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3. Enriching the Soil
Wood ash is great for certain types of soil, specifically soil that is overly acidic. This includes many of the sandier soils in places such as Florida. Almost without fail, alkaline-loving plants such as onions, garlic and leeks will flourish if you add a bit of wood ash to the soil around them.

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GetPrepped Survival Book Giveaway | Countdown to Preparedness and Preppers Home Defense by Jim Cobb | NebShipShop

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We are giving away a copy of Countdown to #Preparedness and Preppers Home Defense both by Survival Weekly author Jim Cobb:

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If you want to make it out alive, you can’t rely on hope or help from others, you need to be ready to act on your own.

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Unmanned ISS resupply Rocket Explodes on Launch - Blast caught on Radar - NASA warns about Debris | USA Today/NASA


NASA Warns Public to Stay Away from Antares Rocket Debris

October 29, 2014 07:00am ET

People who live near the Virginia site where a private Antares rocket crashed and burned Tuesday (Oct. 28) should take special care to avoid contacting any of the booster's remains, NASA officials warn.

The rocket, built by Orbital Sciences Corp., exploded in a massive fireball just seconds after blasting off from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia's Wallops Island Tuesday evening, scattering debris over a wide area. This debris could be contaminated with rocket fuel or other hazardous material and should thus not be touched, NASA officials said.

"There may be a possibility of debris washing up onto some of the beaches, into some of the areas surrounding the island," Wallops director Bill Wrobel said during a post-crash news conference Tuesday night. "If people do find any debris, or anything that might be suspect — something that doesn't look familiar — we would ask that you stay away from the area and please call our incident response team." [See photos of the Antares rocket explosion]

An Orbital Sciences Antares rocket explodes in flames during a failed launch on Oct. 28, 2014 from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. The rocket was carrying an unmanned Cygnus spacecraft filled with 5,055 lb. of cargo.

The crash does not endanger the astronauts aboard the International Space Station, who have plenty of food, water and other critical supplies, NASA officials said. In addition, an unmanned Russian Progress spacecraft launched toward the station early Wednesday from Kazakhstan, carrying about 3 tons of cargo.

Nobody was injured in the Antares explosion, though it did cause some property damage on the south end of Wallops Island, Wrobel said.

Antares' first stage is fueled by liquid oxygen and kerosene. The kerosene likely burned off in the explosion, while the liquid oxygen will dissipate into the atmosphere, said Orbital executive vice president Frank Culbertson.

But the second stage contains potentially hazardous solid fuel that may have survived the blast, and the Cygnus spacecraft's hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide fuel needs to be handled properly as well, Culbertson added.

"We highly encourage people not to try to enter this area or get close to it, either from the water or the land," he said during Tuesday's news conference. "And certainly don't go souvenir hunting along the beach."

Orbital Sciences isn't the only private company to hold a cargo deal with NASA. SpaceX signed a $1.6 billion contract to make 12 unmanned supply runs with its Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 rocket. SpaceX has successfully completed four of these missions to date.

Follow Mike Wall on Twitter @michaeldwall and Google+. Follow us@Spacedotcom, Facebook or Google+. Originally published on Space.com.

Unmanned Antares rocket explodes on launch/Wallops Island - USA Today

During NASA's second attempt at launching Antares rocket an explosion occured on the launch pad. There are no fatalities and limited damages to the facility. VPC
Doyle Rice and William M. Welch, USA TODAY 7:33 p.m. EDT October 28, 2014
An unmanned rocket headed for the International Space Station to deliver supplies exploded on launch from Wallops Island, Va., Tuesday.
The Antares rocket supplied by contractor Orbital Sciences blew up six seconds after liftoff at NASA's space launch facility on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, the space agency said.
NASA and Orbital Sciences were gathering data to determine the cause of the failure of the Orbital CRS-3, the space agency said.
"There has been a vehicle anomaly," Orbital Sciences, the contractor supplying the rocket, said on its Twitter feed.
Embedded image permalink

The rocket had been scheduled for takeoff on Monday night but the launch was postponed when a boat entered a hazard area down range.The launch was to have begun a fourth space station delivery for the Virginia-based Orbital Sciences.
The Antares rocket was scheduled to launch at 6:22 p.m. The rocket was intended to propel the Cygnus vehicle, packed with 5,050 pounds of cargo, to rendezvous with the space station.

RADWatch: Uranium Hexafluoride Leak at Metropolis, IL Honeywell Plant - Contained? | ENENews/dutchsinse


'We have to take their word that all of the gas was kept inside the building….. then released after “cleaning” the air.'

Official: “Plant Emergency” at U.S. Nuclear Facility, Uranium Gas Released — Eyewitnesses: “There’s the plume… It was moving across highway… Chemical taste in mouth… I could smell it!” — Size of release unknown — Emergency crew trying to find source and whether it has stopped (VIDEO)
View of the Honeywell Plant via Support for Honeywell Workers-Metropolis, IL

Published: October 27th, 2014 at 6:02 pm ET
By ENENews 

WPSD (emphasis added): Calls to the newsroom… over a rumor that the Honeywell plant… is leaking uranium hexafloride [UF6] … into the community… Sheriff’s Office [says it] is releasing UF6 [but] no one is in any danger… Spokesperson Peter Dalpe [said there's] no… indication that any material has left the building… the plant immediately notified emergency responders as per emergency procedures.
Paducah Sun: [The plant in Illinois] experienced a leak of a radioactive gas… emergency personnel are still working to find the specific source of the leak… A picture of the plant shrouded in mist was circulating… with speculation that the mist was the actual leaking gas.
West Kentucky Star: [We] received pictures and videos… showing a white, cloudy substance above the plant, moving off to the west… Emergency Management Director Joe Miller [said] Honeywell was under a plant emergency.
AP: The plant helps make nuclear fuel… the company and union-backed workers… are embroiled in a contract dispute. Employees have been locked out of the site…
DOE: UF6… is the chemical form of uranium used during the uranium enrichment process.
WSIL: Honeywell released new information Monday… “The plant is continuing its investigation into the incident and working to determine how much material was released.”… The local union president posted a picture showing a white vapor over the plant… News release [said the] “response team is currently working to ensure the leak has been stopped completely.”… Pictures taken at the plant Sunday night showed white… cloudy substance… Dalpe said it is spray from water that used to contain leaks… [UF6] reacts with water.
Wikipedia: UF6… reacts with the water in the air to produce uranyl fluoride and hydrogen fluoride both of which are highly corrosive and toxic… EU classification: Very toxic

Excerpts from videos published by Steelworker Local 7-669 Union support page — Part 1: “Wind’s blowing to the west… See the haze… that’s all release — UF6… You can see the spray… they’re trying to mitigate it” — Part 2: “There’s the plume of UF6 leaving Honeywell’s property… No fog out… There’s the cloud of either UF6 or HF going right over the fence”
> Marla L.: I could smell something in the air when we went into town> Janet H.: Chemical taste in our mouth… Maybe lil’ headache too> Chelle F.: It was shooting out like a geyser an hour ago… it has definitely left the property. I drove by it… and took the interstate home… it was HUGE — Part 2: It is far from contained> Melissa B.: Didn’t look contained…It was moving across [US] 45…smelled like polish remove!!> Rachel D.: My mom… on mt Mission Rd… can smell something… Dad is currently in chemo> Me’Lissa E.: I live just past Joppa road and could smell it!


Late last night, a troubling situation developed at the Honeywell Uranium Hexafluoride processing facility in Metropolis, Illinois.
I don’t know if we’re to believe the reports that NO gas escaped the facility, rather it was released inside the building and then sprayed by the towers with water to stop the release to the outside.
They’re saying that they’ve sprayed the UF6 in the towers with steam to clean it out of the air… well.. thats NOT good!
From the .gov/edu link on UF6:

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Solar Weather Alert: Multiple X-Class Flares from AR 2192 - 8 M-Class in past 24 hours | solarham

Space Weather Alert:

Multiple (6) X-Class Solar Flares from Region #AR2192
Be ready for possible Coronal Mass Ejection/Seismic Impact...

10/27/2014 @ 14:40 UTC
#X-Flare #6 Detected

A strong X2.0 solar flare, now the sixth X-Class event around region 2192, was detected at 14:47 UTC. The event triggered a strong R3 radio black on the sunlit side of Earth. So far the event does not appear to be eruptive, meaning a noteworthy CME is not expected. More details to follow. Click HERE for an updated event log.

A strong X2.0 solar flare, now the sixth X-Class event around region 2192, was detected at 14:47 UTC Monday morning (Oct 27). The event triggered a strong R3 radio black on the sunlit side of Earth. More details to follow.

Updated 10/27/2014 @ 11:30 UTC

Solar Update / Flare Watch
Good morning folks. Below is an updated look at the visible solar disk on Monday. Solar activity continued at high levels with at least 8 M-Class solar flares detected around region 2192 during the past 24 hours. Noteworthy events include an M7.1 flare at 00:34 UTC, and an M6.7 flare at 10:09 UTC Monday morning. Despite the ongoing flare output, we have yet to observe a substantial coronal mass ejection. The active region (2192) will remain a threat for additional moderate to strong solar flares as it gradually approaches the west limb. All other visible sunspot regions were stable. Continue to monitor SolarHam.com for the most up to date spaceweather data and imagery.

SUMMARY: Potential Impacts: Area of impact consists of large portions of the sunlit side of Earth, strongest at the sub-solar point.Radio - Wide area blackout of HF (high frequency) radio communication for about an hour. - http://www.solarham.net/data/events/oct27_2014_x2.0/index.htm

Updated 10/26/2014 @ 11:45 UTC
Let's Make it Five

Region 2192 will not let up. Attached image below courtesy of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) captures the fifth X-Class solar flare around the active region, this time an X2.0 peaking at 10:56 UTC Sunday morning.

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Volcano Season - Increased volcanism Worldwide/New activity in previously Dormant Exinct areas | dutchsinse

Volcano Season Update:

Breaking 04.11.2014:

M4.1 #earthquake 70 km ESE Lakeview, OR - Depth: 0.0 km (surface)

#BaldMountain #MtShasta #quake



Recent Events in Comments here: http://madtownpreppers.blogspot.com/2014/10/volcano-season-increased-volcanism.html

+Madtown Preppers 


We have been following the increased uptick in volcanism worldwide for the past 6 months.  

The recent activity in Japan, South America, Iceland, Hawaii, and the new activity on the California/Nevada border has us very concerned.#Yellowstone continues to be an ongoing threat...

Special Map
Recent Earthquakes in Yellowstone National Park

As our previous post on Volcanism, we are watching Dormant and Extinct volcano systems worldwide show a Dramatic increase in activity.

An example of the possible distribution of ash from a month-long Yellowstone supereruption. The distribution map was generated by a new model developed by the U.S. Geological Survey using wind information from January 2001. The improved computer model, detailed in a new study published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, finds that the hypothetical, large eruption would create a distinctive kind of ash cloud known as an umbrella, which expands evenly in all directions, sending ash across North America. Ash distribution will vary depending on cloud height, eruption duration, diameter of volcanic particles in the cloud, and wind conditions, according to the new study. Credit: USGS

Also, with the Monitoring agency scrubbing data, such as a M5.5 #quake in a extinct volcano in Scotland, we need to be more vigilant on monitoring the feeds ourselves.
Stay Informed.
Stay Ready.

*Check out our FB Page for the latest info and feeds - facebook.com.MadtownPreppers*

10/22/2014 — TWO extinct volcanoes could blow in South America — Last erupted 160,000 yrs ago

by Michael Janitch

TWO volcanoes in South America could erupt any time ... last time they erupted 160,000 years ago!!!!

Now I think we can say things are getting a bit strange geologically.  The amount of unrest picking up is phenomenal to say the least:

The last eruption 160,000 years ago?   This now confirms that extinct / dormant volcanoes are showing activity.

Cerro Negro volcano, and Volcán Chiles volcanic complex  are located along the border of Columbia and Ecuador.  Both ancient volcanoes are  experiencing unrest ..... Authorities
worried a recent large earthquake in the area is a sign of impending eruption.

Colombia-Ecuador border earthquake sparks concern of possibly imminent volcano eruption

"Authorities in southwestern Colombia have raised alert levels on Tuesday after a 5.6M earthquake hit the border region, sparking concerns that two nearby volcanoes might erupt in a matter of days. 

Colombia’s Geological Service have changed the alert level of two volcanoes from yellow to orange. The two volcanoes are Cerro Negro and Chiles, both active on Colombia’s southern border to Ecuador.

The orange alert level is defined by the Geological Service as “probable eruption in term of days to weeks.”

The earthquake that hit the border region causes a scare on both side of the border.

Officials in the Colombian town of Cumbal, near the quake’s epicenter, were quoted as saying by The Associated Press that they formed an emergency committee to survey possible damage. But so far, there were no reports of injuries in the town of 36,000 residents, the majority of them members of an indigenous tribe.

“It was really strong, every house” felt it, Jose Diomedes Juezpesan, the town’s top official, told AP.

If the volcanoes are to erupt, it will mostly affect the state Nariño. Local state government have started to take security measures in order prevent tragedies.

Nariño government officials have recommended suspending school classes, delivered a special communication system to indigenous communities in the area and offered the indigenous communities tents if the evacuate their premise while the volcanoes are on high alert.

Neither one of the volcanoes have erupted in the past 160,000 years."

In light of this South American / Central American volcanic activity, we need to pay attention to the OTHER dormant + extinct volcanoes showing movement.

A perfect example of what we need to look out for , last nights 3.1M in Central Nevada at the volcanic "Lunar" crater complex.

Seeing movement at areas like Lunar Craters National Park is a sign that the Pacific plate is causing serious unrest in areas we were all taught were extinct , or dormant.

38.287°N 116.437°W


nevada volcano earthquake oct 21 2014

In addition, it is worthy to note the activity in Hawaii picking up in pace.



Also, worthy to note the recent activity in Japan, multiple volcanic eruptions, and one completely unexpected eruption which killed over 40 people hiking on the dormant volcano , Ontake, on the mainland of Japan.

Special Map

Last but not least, we need to remember the entire previous month, September 2014, was INCREDIBLY ACTIVE when it came to volcanic activity... California, Arizona, Washington State, Bardarbunga in Iceland, and several other events which show the unrest to be growing.

Source Report:
Michael Janitch | October 22, 2014 at 4:30 am | Categories: earthquakes and volcano activity, earthquakes and volcanoes | URL: http://wp.me/p3C2xU-3kx


Published on Oct 20, 2014

10/20 Yellowstone Super Volcano Several Quakes Magma Movement

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All American Sun Oven Giveaway - GetPrepped | NebShop/Prepared Bloggers

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We at MP are happy to work with a company that has a giving mission. With all the benefits of lower utility bills, being prepared to cook without fuel or electricity, and supporting a wonderful company, who wouldn't want to own a Sun Oven! So lets get to the giveaway...

The Terms

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