If you were waiting for a commercial that would be the talk of every office in America on Monday morning, you had to wait until the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl to spot the epic ad from Dodge Ram featuring the words of Paul Harvey.


This one went out to the farmers of the country, those who are underappreciated but hard-working.

The voice over is provided by the late, great American broadcaster Harvey, whose "God Made a Farmer" speech is made all the more poignant with humbling images of this nation's farmers.
Beaten hands and battered trucks are greeted by Harvey's melodic tunes and sweet words. It was but a small gesture to this nation's heart, and it was one of the best of the day:
And on the eighth day God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker!" So, God made a farmer.
The commercial took a full two minutes, which is a marathon compared to the rest of the marketing fare on

But it touched every last note vital to keep audiences nationwide in silence as they took in every last moment.
Of course, this 2013 spot of genius will draw comparisons to the polarizing ad delivered by Clint Eastwood for Chrysler in 2012.

Halftime in America was about pulling together during hard times, hitting the next era in this country with the passion of a team that is merely behind, but not out.

Harvey's speech and the beautiful images of farmers working hard to get the most out of this wonderful land was as emotional as it gets on Super Bowl Sunday.

Dodge decided to dedicate what was a lifetime in Super Bowl ad space, but it was well worth it. They certainly struck a chord with the nation. And this Paul Harvey video will no do doubt be the most talked-about ad from a fantastic Sunday for commercials.

I am the daughter of two parents, who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. And when I was 10, they bought a farm in Wooster, Ohio.

And when I saw that Dodge Ram commercial during the Super Bowl last night, which featured Paul Harvey reading the poem God Made a Farmer, it brought up all of these wonderful (and emotional feelings) I have about growing up on a farm.

My parents didn’t know that there is no hobby in farming – only a commitment to working until the work is done and the work is never done.

We started off with three hogs, and two steers, then quickly grew to having 300 hogs, a few horses, and an orphaned goat named Gabby. We owned a 1942 Case Tractor that had a crank start and an electric start that came with a plow and a manure spreader. I learned how to drive a tractor when I was 11 years old and I wasn’t allowed to drive my dad’s truck until I learned how to parallel park that manure spreader in the field first.

Before my sisters and I were allowed to even open Christmas presents, the animals needed to be fed. Before I went on a date, the horses needed to be brushed. And before I could borrow the family car, the feed needed to be picked up from the grain mill.

These were my commitments and I am grateful to have had them.

But while the farmer image is rooted in rugged individualism, there was a profound sense of community where I grew up – on the corner of Highway 3 and Fox Lake Road.

Our neighbors were more than neighbors. When we didn’t have a combine, we borrowed the neighbor's. When our neighbor ran out of room to store hay, we let him use our extra space. We got eggs from another neighbor and she bought a pig from us. When my mother had bypass surgery on her heart, the neighbors brought food. When we were snowed in, they helped plow us out. We counted on one another.
I quickly realized that my parents wanted us to learn that life isn’t just about fulfilling your own wants and needs, but it’s also about serving others too. That’s what you do when you make your life’s work about feeding people.

And when I heard Paul Harvey’s voice, all of that came back to me.

But apparently, I’m not the only one who loved Ram’s commercial. Here’s what others had to say on Facebook and our comments:
Julie Valentine Ram Trucks and Case IH are very much connected and most farms (whether they are commercial or private) need both kinds of equipment. Since the companies have the same "parent" organization they work together. Look to see if you can find the press release from Ram Trucks - they are very proud to partner with our hometown Case IH.

Missy Papiernik Winkworth i liked the "God Made A Farmer" one. i don't even know what the ad was for, but i heard the speech while i was doing something else.

Kathy King Gengler Biggest show stopper and inspirational was narration by Paul Harvey.

Melissa Rothe Dodge farmers ad with Paul Harvey was the best. Also enjoyed the Bud Clydesdales and the VW Jamaican guy.

Richard My favorite was the Dodge Ram ad, it triggered an emotional response for my family, not stupid like some of the other ads. And yes, there were several other ads that were very good too.

Karen Dalkin Most touched by Dodge's salute to the American Farmer. Where can I find a farmer to hug and say thank you to them myself?

Cindy Peterson"God made a farmer" commercial with Paul Harvey was my favorite. I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and it was so moving to see them getting respect.

>>>Our Thoughts Exactly, Denise.
Farmers are the Professors, Enterpreneurs, and Inventors of the Land.
I was raised on a small Farm and got my Work Ethic from it.
Thanks Denise,
Thanks Pamela and John,