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3M Nexcare All Purpose Filtersafety Mask Rayon Polyester Staple Fiber 5 Box | eBay

3M Nexcare All Purpose Filtersafety Mask Rayon Polyester Staple Fiber 5 Box | eBay

All-purpose mask helps provide relief from irritating effects of common household and yard dust. 99 percent filter efficiency against ragweed pollen. Mask helps reduce spread of germs by filtering out 99 percent of wearer's exhaled airborne bacteria. Effectively warms and moistens inhaled air to make breathing easier.

Product Description

It makes breathing easier and also helps to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
3M Nexcare All Purpose Mask, Airwarming, 99% Filtering - 5 piecesYard Work, House Cleaning, Sickrooms, Infant and elderly care, Outdoor winter activities.
Nexcare All Purpose Mask: Provides relief and allows freer breathing for allergy sufferers 99% filter efficiency against ragweed pollen. Helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria filters out 99% of wearer's exhaled airborne bacteria. Effectively warms and moistens inhaled air, making breathing easier. Helps provide relief from the irritating effects of: Common Household Dust. Ragweed Pollen, Yard Dusts, Helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
Warms and moistens inhaled air. Easy to breathe through, Lets you talk easily, doesn't muffle your voice.
Nose band shapes to fit bridge of your nose for a comfortable fit.Cup mask in open hand and hold headband in the other. (If you wear glasses, remove before mask is put on). Bring mask up to face, pulling headband slightly over top of head. Headband may be placed above or below the ears. Shape nose band to bridge of nose. Discard after each use.
Note: Filtration efficiency is reduced after eight hours of continuous use.

North Safety 068-770030S 7700 Series Silicone Half Mask Respirator Sma (Google Affiliate Ad) 

Nissan starts US production of 2013 Leaf, vows faster charging and a lower entry price

Nissan starts US production of 2013 Leaf, vows faster charging and a lower entry price

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Nissan starts US production of 2013 Leaf, vows faster charging and a lower entry price

Nissan starts US production of 2013 Leaf, vows more range and a lower entry price
The Leaf is quickly becoming a mainstay of the American EV scene. Nissan is very much determined to keep it that way: it's starting US production of the 2013 model year with sizable upgrades to fend off the likes of the Focus Electric. The refresh includes a lower-cost (if currently priceless) S model as well as an optional 6.6kW charger (standard on higher trim levels) that should top up the car's battery in about four hours -- almost twice as fast as the original, and more in line with newer alternatives. Nissan is also teasing us with more driving range, although it has yet to pin down just how much further we'll travel. In-cabin tech receives its own upgrade through both Google Places searches for local points of interest as well as an eco-friendly routing mode. We might glean more details of the 2013 Leaf's launch when the North American International Auto Show kicks off next week; for now, we'll have to make do with Nissan's technical details after the break.

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Concrete Survival Shelters - Stituational Preparedness/USAEBN

Situational Preparedness w Madtown Preppers 01/30 by USA Emergency Broadcasting Network | Blog Talk Radio

Situational Preparedness w Madtown Preppers 01/30 by USA Emergency Broadcasting Network | Blog Talk Radio

Situational Preparedness w Madtown Preppers

by USA Emergency Broadcasting Network

Call in to speak with the host
(347) 539-5154

Join us Live Wednesday 5P CST - Call in Skype or Chat

Winter Storm MAGNUS Update
Flu/Norovirus (Safe Food Handling) - Mat and Tim
Medical Reserve Corps Training - Pamela
Interview w Billy from Survival Shelters
News and Alert Updates

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"There's a Difference between Knowing the Path, and Walking the Path." - Morpheus
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Weather Alert - Winter Storm Magnus - Madison Wed 1/30/13 NBC15/TWC

Winter Storm MAGNUS to Hit Upper Midwest with HEAVY RAIN/FLOOD WATCH


Stay TUNED to Madtown Preppers for Updates.

Stay Alert.

As a Severe Weather Outbreak sweeps through the South, Ohio Valley and East, Winter Storm Magnus will spread snow from the Plains into the western Great Lakes through Wednesday.

Winter Weather
Winter Weather

Winter Storm Magnus Targets Midwest - TWC

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Extreme Home Defense - Part 6 - Outdoor Safe Room

Here's a Great Solution for E-Waste and an Excellent Way to Provide an Outdoor Safe Room.

Other Uses: 
  • Food/Bug Out Cache
  • Electronics/Communications Shelter
  • Storm/Disaster Shelter
  • Outdoor Free-Standing Indoor Farming

Nebudchenezzar Shipworks E-commerce store on eBay!

Nebudchenezzar Shipworks E-Commerce store on eBay!

Nebudchenezzar Shipworks Multi Media Services January 2013 - Madison, WI USA Survival/Emergency Preparedness Information and Supplies, Networking and Team Building in South Central WI and the Upper Midwest @ Nebudchenezzar Shipworks was opened January 2012

Driving on Snow and Ice -

Driving on Snow and Ice -

The best advice for driving in bad winter weather is not to drive at all, if you can avoid it.

Don't go out until the snow plows and sanding trucks have had a chance to do their work, and allow yourself extra time to reach your destination. If you must drive in snowy conditions, make sure your car is prepared (TIPS), and that you know how to handle road conditions.

It's helpful to practice winter driving techniques in a snowy, open parking lot, so you're familiar with how your car handles. Consult your owner's manual for tips specific to your vehicle.

Driving safely on icy roads


nebudchenezzarshipworks | eBay

nebudchenezzarshipworks | eBay

Our Ebay Shop!!

10% Off Your First Order!!!

Just mention Madtown Preppers at checkout.  Do not Submit Payment.
We will send you an adjusted invoice with Your Discount>
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Preventing the Flu: Good Health Habits Can Help Stop Germs

Preventing the Flu: Good Health Habits Can Help Stop Germs

Great Info from USA Emergency Broadcasting Network

Tepco plans to dump ‘cleaned’ Fukushima No. 1 water | The Japan Times

Tepco plans to dump ‘cleaned’ Fukushima No. 1 water | The Japan Times

Just a Matter of Time and Volume at this Point...


Tepco plans to dump ‘cleaned’ Fukushima No. 1 water


Tokyo Electric Power Co. plans to dump contaminated water from its crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean after removing radioactive substances to reduce contamination to legally permissible levels.
Tepco said Thursday the measure is necessary because the utility fears it will eventually run out of capacity to store radioactive water that continues to accumulate at the plant due to water being injected to help cool the three reactors that experienced core meltdowns in March 2011.
Despite the plan, the utility acknowledged it needs the approval of local governments and other parties before it actually discharges the water into the ocean. “Nothing specific has been decided at this moment,” one Tepco official said.
Water that has been used to cool the damaged reactors is recycled and used as coolant after radioactive levels in it have been lowered in a water-processing facility. But the total amount of contaminated water is increasing because the existing water flow allows an influx of about 400 tons of groundwater a day.
Tepco is increasing the number of storage tanks to deal with the situation, but warns they will eventually reach full capacity.
As a key step in the water release, Tepco will operate a new facility that can remove about different 60 types of radioactive substances, more than the existing water processing facility that has mainly worked to reduce the concentration of cesium. But as the new facility is not capable of removing radioactive tritium, an official said Tepco will consider diluting the processed water before releasing it to the sea.
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Contaminated water still a serious issue at Fukushima Daiichi | Enformable

Contaminated water still a serious issue at Fukushima Daiichi | Enformable

Nuclear/JPN Update WEd on Situational Preparedness USAEBN

 ATTENTION | Report: Radioactivity levels rising at Fukushima Unit No. 2 sub-drain since November (PHOTO)


    January 23, 2013 at 1:51 AMCesium contamination found in Tone River Crucian Carp over 180 km from Fukushima DaiichiFish and shellfish within 5 km radius of Fukushima Daiichi found contaminated by Cesium up to 12 times national standardsFukushima Radiation found in Tuna caught near San Diego only 5 months after Fukushima disaster

    USA Emergency Braodcasting News Hour Nuclear Japan Update

    January 23, 2013 at 1:25 PM
    Support Link:



    Madtown Preppers Alerts are for informational use only. These alerts purpose is to inform you of news events in order for you to adjust your family preparedness programs. We believe that knowledge is power and in order for you to make informed decisions, we try and bring you verified information, not to increase fear but to inform you. We do not endorse any of the sources we link to in any article.

    Friday, January 25, 2013

    M8.7 Solar FlaCORRECTION:Di CME/Jupiter Radio Interference

    Prior post featured a Story we though was current, a reader pointed out that the storms are very similar, but the 8,7 reported is from 2012.
    The Link Referenced below is from 1.25.2012, clicked through to the second source:
    Storm almost the same other than the 2013 flare as aF ilament Strand.  Still Violent and plasma in form, not considered a CME<

    Sorry for the Error.  We are leaving the 2012 Post Up for Reference.


    Looks like this Life Changer skipped over the Top. (Wrong Link: 2012, similar event)

    Solar Maximum Continues through Equinox and may be enhanced by Jupiter's Radiomagnetic Bursts.

    We will Stay on It.

    USAEBN News Hour - blogtalkradio/usaebn - Mondays

    USA Emergency Broadcasting Network Online Radio by USA Emergency Broadcasting Network | Blog Talk Radio


    UPDATE 01.25.12: The geomagnetic storm on the night of January 24-25 produced brilliant aurora at high latitudes as seen in this image from Sweden.

    Aurora from geomagnetic storm seen in Sweden on 01.24.12.
    › View larger
    Image Courtesy of Peter Rosén.

    New Madrid Seismic/Sinkhole Update - M4.1 - Timpson, TX/"Fake Quake" Corbin, KY+ Bubbling Increases

    M4.1 - 3km WNW of Timpson, Texas 2013-01-25 07:01:19 UTC


    Location and Magnitude contributed by: USGS, NEIC, Golden, Colorado (and predecessors)


    50 km
    20 mi
    Powered by Leaflet
    31.913°N, 94.426°W
    Depth: 5.0km (3.1mi)

    Event Time

    1. 2013-01-25 07:01:19 UTC
    2. 2013-01-25 01:01:19 UTC-06:00 at epicenter
    3. 2013-01-25 01:01:19 UTC-06:00 system time


    31.913°N 94.426°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi)

    Nearby Cities

    1. 3km (2mi) WNW of Timpson, Texas
    2. 40km (25mi) NNE of Nacogdoches, Texas
    3. 44km (27mi) SE of Henderson, Texas
    4. 67km (42mi) SE of Kilgore, Texas
    5. 351km (218mi) WNW of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Tectonic Summary

    Earthquakes in the Stable Continental Region

    Most of North America east of the Rocky Mountains has infrequent earthquakes. Here and there earthquakes are more numerous, for example in the New Madrid seismic zone centered on southeastern Missouri, in the Charlevoix-Kamouraska seismic zone of eastern Quebec, in New England, in the New York - Philadelphia - Wilmington urban corridor, and elsewhere. However, most of the enormous region from the Rockies to the Atlantic can go years without an earthquake large enough to be felt, and several U.S. states have never reported a damaging earthquake. The earthquakes that do occur strike anywhere at irregular intervals.
    Earthquakes east of the Rocky Mountains, although less frequent than in the West, are typically felt over a much broader region. East of the Rockies, an earthquake can be felt over an area as much as ten times larger than a similar magnitude earthquake on the west coast. A magnitude 4.0 eastern U.S. earthquake typically can be felt at many places as far as 100 km (60 mi) from where it occurred, and it infrequently causes damage near its source. A magnitude 5.5 eastern U.S. earthquake usually can be felt as far as 500 km (300 mi) from where it occurred, and sometimes causes damage as far away as 40 km (25 mi).


    Earthquakes everywhere occur on faults within bedrock, usually miles deep. Most of the region's bedrock was formed as several generations of mountains rose and were eroded down again over the last billion or so years.
    At well-studied plate boundaries like the San Andreas fault system in California, often scientists can determine the name of the specific fault that is responsible for an earthquake. In contrast, east of the Rocky Mountains this is rarely the case. All parts of this vast region are far from the nearest plate boundaries, which, for the U.S., are to the east in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, to the south in the Caribbean Sea, and to the west in California and offshore from Washington and Oregon. The region is laced with known faults but numerous smaller or deeply buried faults remain undetected. Even most of the known faults are poorly located at earthquake depths. Accordingly, few earthquakes east of the Rockies can be linked to named faults. It is difficult to determine if a known fault is still active and could slip and cause an earthquake. In most areas east of the Rockies, the best guide to earthquake hazards is the earthquakes themselves.



    Impact Estimates

    Estimated Fatalities

    Estimated Fatalities: 0 -- 99% Probability; Estimated Fatalities: 1 to 9 -- 1% Probability; Estimated Fatalities: 10 to 99 -- 0% Probability; Estimated Fatalities: 100 to 999 -- 0% Probability; Estimated Fatalities: 1 to 10 Thousand -- 0% Probability; Estimated Fatalities: 10 to 100 Thousand -- 0% Probability; Estimated Fatalities: 100+ Thousand -- 0% Probability

    Estimated Economic Losses

    Estimated Value in USD: 0 to 1 Million -- 99% Probability; Estimated Value in USD: 1 to 10 Million -- 1% Probability; Estimated Value in USD: 10 to 100 Million -- 0% Probability; Estimated Value in USD: 100 Million to 1 Billion -- 0% Probability; Estimated Value in USD: 1 to 10 Billion -- 0% Probability; Estimated Value in USD: 10 to 100 Billion -- 0% Probability; Estimated Value in USD: 100+ Billion -- 0% Probability 
    Green alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses. There is a low likelihood of casualties and damage.

    Estimated Population Exposure to Earthquake Shaking

    Estimated Modified Mercalli IntensityIII-IIIIVVVIVIIVIIIIXX
    Est. Population Exposure--*1,866k*11k0k0k0k0k0k0k
    Perceived ShakingNot FeltWeakLightModerateStrongVery StrongSevereViolentExtreme
    Potential Structure DamageResistantnonenonenoneV.LightLightModerateModerate/HeavyHeavyV.Heavy
    *Estimated exposure only includes population within calculated shake map area. (k = x1,000)

    Population Exposure

    Population per ˜1 sq. km. from LandScan
    Population Exposure Map

    Structure Information Summary

    Overall, the population in this region resides in structures that are resistant to earthquake shaking, though some vulnerable structures exist.

    Secondary Effects

    None expected

    Selected Cities Exposed

    from GeoNames Database of Cities with 1,000 or more residents.
    IIBossier City60k
    (k = x1,000)

    City Exposure List

    See PAGER XML link (above).

    Did You Feel It? Tell Us!

    Historic Seismicity


    Location and Magnitude contributed by: USGS, NEIC, Golden, Colorado (and predecessors)

    WKYT FirstAlert Weather

    A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for the entire viewing area. The Lexington area could see 1-3 inches of snow, while freezing rain and ice could be a problem in southern Kentucky.
    A A
    Reporter: Tim Johnston Email

    Confusion in Corbin over fake "quake"

    CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - It's been described as an explosion, an earthquake, a thunder roll, or even as small as a car crash. Some say there was one tremor, others say two, one resident said they felt three violent shakes, and yet some say they didn't feel anything at all.
    While the reports vary, the reality is something rattled Corbin around midday on Wednesday.
    "Just a couple of seconds, it didn't last long," described Christopher Day, "I thought it was thunder and I looked up in the sky and, of course, it was sunny and cold out. It couldn't be thunder."
    But Day wasn't the only one to feel it, Deanna Rains said dishes began falling into her sink.
    "I actually had my coffee pot break from my refrigerator," said Rains, "I was thinking oh my god, is my trailer going to fall apart? Or is the ground going to split open or something? I mean it was horrible!"
    The Whitley County 911 Call Center made a map estimating the locations of callers to 911 centers in their county as well as in Laurel, Knox and McCreary counties. The tremors were that widespread.
    "We've yet to determine what this was. It sounded like a minor earthquake, but we can't get it verified," answered Sheriff Colan Harrell.
    So, was it an earthquake? If anyone would know it'd be the UK Geological Survey.
    "I took a look through our records and so far I haven't seen anything that does not look uncharacteristic. There's a of activity but that's normal," explained Seth Carpenter, adding he believes it was likely a mine blast on the surface level, and did not register on their seismology readouts.
    So was it an explosion?
    I called several mining companies to see if they were blasting in the area that could explain the shaking. They all denied it, saying their blasts are typically smaller and kept to a mile-wide radius.
    Danny Moses, the Whitley County Emergency Management Director, said he began trying to solve the mystery as soon as it happened. He checked every possible blasting site, and said he still had not found the answer.
    So the mystery continues.
    "There could also be something else going on," estimated Carpenter.
    "I still have no idea. It was definitely something," stated Day.
    Moses said he has not found any major damage to the area. Still, those who felt the tremors want answers, but for now they'll have to wait.

    From Our Facebook Page:
    Sinkhole seismo from this am...???!!! We will be talking about the salt dome and sinkhole today on Nuked Radio in 30 minutes.