Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag - Work in Progress

I know, I know, everybody has an opinion on the size, shape, contents, color, smell, logo, brand, zipper holder specs, degree of invisibility, Whatever on their Bug Out Bags.
 To me, the BOB should be like a good evolving tool.  What goes on, around, in, and about your BOB is your own decision based on your personal style, needs, and critical situation that you are planning for.  I like to post about innovations and examples of BOB's b/c most people are confused about how to build their BOB from information overload.  As a typical American, we wait until the last minute to get that Last Thing you need before TEOTWAKI/TSHTF.  It has become over-commercialized with the onset of Doomsday Preppers TV show and just individuals who take advantage of a Fool and His Money.

There are basics to a BOB that are consistent:
A Well Planned Extensive BOB - Not Light!
  • Size/Weight: How long and How Far are you going w/o being near supplies/shelter?
  • Contents: Probably the most important part of the BOB. Same principles as above.  Do you really need 3 machetes? Smoke Bombs, Really?  Carry that shit for 10 days/30 miles on foot and let me know.
  • Versatility: How many different uses can you get from your BOB?  Does it have multi-use capabilities?
  • Cost: ALICE Pack and some Garage Sale finds - or - The Executive/Custom/Mass-Produced Crap?
  • E-Bay: Much more legitimate than you think.  Many businesses and individuals are actually there to help you.  It's true.  I do it.
I am posting some reference links and examples for review.  Please reply or post your own.  Join Madtown Preppers by subscribing to this site below or I will also post on FB: Madtown Preppers

Again, your BOB is one thing: Yours, ever evolving and changing based on personal situational needs and resources.

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag- It's not if but When - realitysurvival.com




Item image
Swiss Volcano Bottle Stove - Multi Fuel

I hope this helps, the Perfect Bug Out Bag is possible.  It's called my condo.  A 752 S.F. Panic Room!

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