Sunday, July 15, 2012

Storming of the Bastille Summer Raffle Winners!!!

Storming of the Bastille Summer Raffle Winners List

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Madtown Preppers Summer Raffle Promo!
We had a tremendous response with a lot of you returning/sharing knowledge with your friends.
Over the weekend as the end of the promotion was nearing (July 14), we got blindsided with a CME and subsequent preparations that such an event would demand.

Personally speaking, I was a bit freaked out Friday night.
  • Do I have the Faraday Cages/Boxes built correctly?
  • Do I pull all my cash out of the bank?  What good is cash with no Power?
  • Do I have enough: Food, Water, Sundries, Ammo, Security Measures, etc.?
  • What happens if I get stranded in the car?  Do I fill up with gas?
  • How many people do I inform?  Will they believe next time if this is a miss?
  • BASICALLY:  Am I Prepared?
 At the end of the day (or was it the start of the day on Saturday), Nothing really happened and I was unpacking my electronics Saturday night thinking, I STILL have a lot of work to do.  This is inherent in the nature of Prepping.  It's an ongoing process, daily process, Living process.  Every Day.

Bottom Line:  I think ALL of us that took the most recent near-miss seriously learned a lot about just how Prepared we are.  Practice is a key element in Winning on any level.  Are we closer to winning?

That's a question that can be asked and debated for a long time.  Do you know more today and have a better Game Plan than on Thursday night?  That's a question only You and Your loved ones can answer.

Me, personally, I came to a couple of conclusions:
  • This is REAL!  It can Happen and Will.
  • We are closer to the chances of any number of scenarios happening at the same time than arguably any time in Human History.
  • We are Organized and Informed.
  • I've got a lot of Work to do!
With that said here are the Raffle winners drawn randomly from the total number of shares/likes/subscriptions/google share+s.  Winners will be notified via FB Messenger and can send shipping info to or

 Third Prize Winner of:

LifeStraw Personal Portable Water Filter Purifier

La Laa Land!!!

Second Prize Winner of:

Swiss Volcano Bottle Stove - 3 in 1 Stove/Flask/Cup - Multi Fuel 

William Fracis!!!

First Prize Winner of:

GAS MASK ISRAELI + 2 FILTER - IDF Issue w H20 Tube + 2 Sealed ISRAELI Filter NEW

 Danielle LaFollette!!!


Winners will be contacted today and can reply with their info via FB or e-mail.

Thanks to Everyone who contributed and continue to support Madtown Preppers but especially each other.