Monday, July 16, 2012

AliveAfter Survivalist Community - New Site Worth Checking Out | Update

AliveAfter - Survivalist Social Community @

Editor's Note:
At this time, the AliveAfter community is no longer up.

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AliveAfter Survival Community
AliveAfter Survivalist Social Community - Survivalists/Preppers Focused Social Networking Community

AliveAfter Survivalist Social Network

Join for free right now, and invite your local survivalist friends and family to connect locally! We are a focused Social Network dedicated to Survivalists, Preppers, and Beginners who are just starting to prepare themselves. Enjoy sharing your own experiences, educated insights, and helping others prepare for any potentially devastating disaster.

>>What can I say, I'm on a LOT of blogs, sites, FB frenzies, Army/Navy Surplus Sites, Gun Enthusiast blogs, Homesteading/Bushcraft sites, and my own Business site.  I spend a lot of time on these different sites to see what's new, what people are talking about, Breaking News, and tips and advice from others.

I look at all this work to be part of being in the Prepper community.  People sharing knowledge, information, products, tips, and just being Organized/Involved.  
Sometimes it's good to know that We are not in this Alone.

I was asked to check out AliveAfter from a colleague who said it was new and had potential.

Well, this guy was right, AliveAfter brings together the Survivalist/Prepper Community to a relatively new area: What do we do after we Survive.

It is a pretty cool group of folks that say it like it is w/o politics, back-biting, and unhelpful/useless communication sometimes found on blogs recently.

They do it right.  Slick site interactives, Self Assessment tools, Events, and interior groups of different interests.  I like the fact that it lives in the Google + area, helps to see a different perspective and link some things not normally possible on FB.

Check it Out.  Good People. Informative site.  Well thought out.


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