Monday, July 9, 2012

If One Storm Can Turn D.C. Dark For Several Days, What Would A Massive EMP Burst Do?

The “super derecho” storm that pounded the Washington D.C. area on Friday night with hurricane-force winds is being called unprecedented.  But the truth is that there are other events that could happen that would be far more damaging to our power grid.  For example, a substantial EMP burst over a major U.S. city would fry virtually all of the electronics in the city and take the power grid in the area down indefinitely.  A gigantic EMP burst over the entire country (caused by a massive solar storm or a very large nuclear explosion high in the atmosphere) could theoretically take down the entire national power grid.

EMP Model

Current thinking is that  the target will probably not be an individual city, but a central location over the continental USA, with the nuclear detonation occurring a couple hundred miles in altitude, at the edge of space. Under this scenario, the EMP would affect the entire US power grid. (Strike the Root - Moore)

Faraday cage 2
A 30 gallon galvanized trash can (Home Depot, Menards, Lowes) cum Faraday cage. Seen with heavy-duty single strand grounding wire. The ground wire connects with only with the ground terminal of a three prong electric plug and is plugged into the household power grid to provide grounding. (4D Traveler)