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Theory of Preparedness - Preppers Talk

This was posted by East Coast Prepper on FB:
Pretty Profound in my opinion:

Theory of Preparedness

The theory of preparedness is often a much debated topic. Lessons learned
from generations past, have proven the validity of preparedness in today’s
uncertain economy. Our ancestors, young and old, struggled in challenging
times, but yet prevailed. Why? The answer is preparedness. Being prepared
was not a choice, but a lifestyle, and a necessity.

Today, supplies of food stuffs, medical supplies, clean water and the
essentials of life are readily had. But even today, the theory of preparedness
remains the same. Unforeseen events, circumstances, or emergencies can suddenly
create hardships that the average household is unable to cope with and respond to,
if caught with limited resources. The number of individuals or families who wish
to maintain the stability of their current lifestyle and have taken steps to ensure
this, is growing. Is this possibly a re-awakening of the rapidly disappearing survival
tool called common sense?

A grass roots movement, termed "Preppers" is sweeping our nation. While the
unaware are spending countless hours watching American Idol, or updating their
status on Facebook, concerned Americans are quietly making preparations for a less
comfortable future. Sales at long term food storage vendors, are sky rocketing. For
some, stocking pantry shelves with shelf stable food stores, water, medical supplies,
is a counter measure in the instance of a SHTF(sh*t hit the fan) situation, be it on a
personal, local, or wide spread level. Vacuum sealers, Mylar bags, dry goods, and
canning supplies are just a short list of prepping items commonly purchased. However, food is not the only items being stashed away. Fuel, water, personal hygiene items, ammunition, and firearms are also much coveted items.

For many, the act of prepping, or preparedness, is a part of everyday life. Concerns
over a faltering economy, personal financial difficulties, temporary or extended job
loss, rising fuel and food costs are at the top of the list of polled responses. For
others, it is out of fear of shortages in the food supplies. Still others prepare for
an economic collapse. While there is no one definitive catalyst to prep, each reason will stem from a personal concern. The important factor is that you are preparing.

America witnessed a "shtf" situation on a massive scale during 9/11. Others suffered total loss during Hurricane Katrina. More recently, several areas of the country have been subjected to the raw power of natures wrath during a massive tornado outbreak. Not all were victims, but most experienced disruption in food supplies, communications, electricity, public services, and medical facilities in the stricken areas. While preparedness offers no immunity from shtf, it does provide alternative means or assets that can be utilized in a post-shtf scenario.

Simple preparations for difficult times could be a life saving step for you and your family.
 -  Eastcoast Prepper via Preppers Talk


Everybody Stay Safe out There.  Protect yourself and you Loved Ones.

Having Faith in the Good in People sopmetimes is not such a bad thing...

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