Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Planet X: Nibiru, 3600 Year Cycle - Time for a History Review? - Update

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Is it Real?

From the Twitter:

V838 Mon, a star with an expanding light echo, purported as photographic evidence of Nibiru. 

Something to do some research on.  This is a quick search search we did.  Dunno, sounds right.
The Math is correct.  Think about it, a 3600 year cycle????
Some media people are calling this a comet.  Well, a SOLID, large Comet, then.
Agree with the post that this will have significant effects on our environment as well as Solar Storms.
We still have 8 months to go in this violent solar cycle we are in.

Actual #Hubble Evidence of Planet X / Nibiru:
Brown Dwarf Star and Companion - @NASA


If something happens every 3600 years 2 go back twice that is when the Egyptians died off and things changed go back another 3600 is about Noah's time the government knows it exists they been watching it since 83 its on a 3600 year appogy it comes around every 3600 years and i guess its slated to pass threw before long along with the fact the 10/12 planets will all line up in a row on 12 21 12 each time for the last 2 years or so that we have had a 3 planet alignment we had a 8.0 or bigger quake combined that with these earth heating inductive heating solar flares SHIT COULD GET PRETTY CRAZY

JUST DO A LIL RESEARCH AND TIME TABLES GO LOOK WHATS 3600 YEARS OLD "ICE AGE" GREAT LAKES " ETC ETC THEN GO SEE WHATS 7200 OLD AND 10.800 " NOAH'S FLOOD" pretty interesting every 3600 years we as a population seems to bottle neck but 10% all ways live.

    Soho: Fragments from Comet Elenin hit the Sun and cause Coronal Mass Elenin has broken up! Parts of this comet are hitting the sun and causing Coronal mass ejections.
      Michael Lay

      Nibiru visible in Antarctica February 27, unidentified object in the sky. Phase: 2 days + 0 Quarter Visible giant crate...See More


        Old news. The Mayan calendar doesn't say "Life will end" but, life as you know it will. Blasted back to the stone age, maybe we will get it right this time....

        10% always lives

        the 10% just need to evolve to survive or go extinct

                Fascinating conversation and I'm late again. Lol. I just have one question. Simple and direct. At what point/event horizon will we know beyond a shadow of doubt it's happening? What will be the HolyShit!moment that everyone will be aware? What are the rioters and looters waiting for as the trigger moment?

                  When mainstream media first released this story I was a teenager. Me and some friends were talking about it ans one asked me how old I'd be and where do I think I'd be in life at that age when it happens. I did the math and told them. If it...See More

                    I'm still looking into this before I fully understand the scope of it. I do think there is something to this Nibiru event. I don't think anybody really knows the full story and those that do know, ie the governments of many countries, aren'...See More

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