Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chicago NATO Update: Molotov Cocktail Plot?

Haven't heard much happening on the wire, through the grapevine or whatever here in Madison.
That being said, we have UW Graduation this w/e and that throws a loop in everything.  Our place was packed with coasties man (with money)

As far as I know, Chi-Town just has a bunch of Occupy types millin' about.

Some buzz about mole feds in the crowds are surfacing as well as Iraq War Vets turning in their medals on Sunday.  Don't know.

Oh, and this Just IN:
Police block the Michigan Avenue bridge Friday during protests after the nurses union rally at Daley Plaza. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said officers are “doing extremely well.” (Keri Wiginton, Chicago Tribune May 18, 2012)
ct-met-nato-chicago-police-tactics Chicago Tribune

chicago-nato-protesters-charged-with-terrorism-conspiracy-in-alleged-molotov-cocktail-plot AP

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