Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bug Out Bag Food Cache - Inexpensive Lightweight Replacements for MRE's

When the SHTF, most of us will not have access to Mass Produced traditional MRE's.
MRE food packs start at $90 if you can find them, and are becoming more rationed by our buddies that we elect.  Example: Ready Meals A-Pack, Self Heating - readymeal.com
A-Pack MRE Contents - $5-7 Each?

Government is monitoring MRE purchases by civilians and is restricting the sale thereof.
Also, to that effect, these actions work both ways, i.e. The same people who are watching us, making sure that we are not "hoarding" emergency food supplies and Water:
Government Hoarding Emergency Food Supplies - CNBC
Executive Order 3/16/12 National Defense Resources Preparedness - whitehouse.gov
Emergency Food Basic Diasasters Supply Kit (72hr Kit) - ready.gov

With that being out there, there are inexpensive alternatives to MRE's to pack your Bug Out Bag.
Mylar Sealed foods are a great example of decreasing weight and hassle compared to canned or "Triple Packaged/Self-Heating" MRE's.

Here's some products that can be found usually locally and can be picked up with your normal weekly grocery run.  Speaking of which, A Great resource for picking up staples with your regular shopping trips to stock your Bug Out/In:   Survival Food Available at your Grocery Store - madtownpreppers/offgridsurvival


Other products that I have found more efficient, nutritional, and more often than not, Tasty:

GoGo Rice Individual Shelf Stable Organic Rice Bowls

Organic Brown Rice 7.4 oz. Bowl - Reheat 90 sec in Mic/10 min Boiling H20

           Hormel SPAM Classic Single 3 oz.

StarKist Flavor Fresh Tuna Pouch
Instant Sandwich.

Valley Fresh Natural White Chicken 7 oz Pouch
No Preservatives/All Natural

Kitchen Staples can always be sealed in mylar for travel (sugar, flour, grains, coffee).
Mylar Bag Storage and Sealing - madtownpreppers
Method Can be Done with 1 Qt and 1 Gal Bags

Hope some of these resources are helpful to your Bug Out Prepping or just want fresh, quick, inexpensive nutritious food on the go.

Staying Safe IS Staying Prepared

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