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Extreme Home Defense - Part 2 - Assault Rifle

As part of our ongoing series of the some of the most extreme home defense tools, I ran across a post in a blog of this badass indoor street sweeper.

STG-556 Gen III (

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Here is a pic of Home Defense set-up STG-556. Gen III.

I have the Inventure Concepts Tri-Ax rail system. On it you can see my Magpul RVG, Nitecore Extreme R2 with sleeve in a Gear Sector Low Profile Mount, Midwest Industries gas block folding front sight, and Laserlyte K-15 green visible offset laser.

I also can run a full length 9" side accessory rail with the Inventure Concepts Tri-AX if i wish for additional rail space on the left side.

Weight is about 1/2 lbs for the Tri-Ax so with the laser, vfg, light, light-mount, and front sight you're look at about 1 1/2 pound weight gain to the 7.5 lbs stock STG-556. Plus, my EOTech XPS2.0 and rear sight so she's a borderline beast, but not that bad really. I wouldn't want to add a 3x mag on her and with the fully loaded 42 round mag the weight gets up there.

The primary benefit is that I can use a front break grip on the RVG that allows me to pull the rifle very tight into the shoulder and have good control on it. I haven't noticed any difference in accuracy with the rail system good or bad. Muzzle rise seems about the same. Balance is still good and I don't feel like I'm slower bringing the barrel up or having any issues with overtravel when I do flick it up. Good stuff.

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