Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Couple of Lists for Bug-Out or Bug-In

Survival Food Available at your Grocery Store

Are You Actually Preparing to Bug-Out?

Water Purification

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  1. So, it is NOT the size of a bus, what should be in an back pack emergency bug out bag?

    advanced FAK, 4-1 liter canteens, 3-2 liter camelbacks, 5 bottles of water purification tabs, mre's wool blanket, wool socks, kabar utility knife, machete, magnetic compass, and gps ( rechargeable, with a solar charger, it is bulky, but worth it), topo maps, 2- sleeping pads, and a 2 person tent.

    Small tarp (camo), m.r.e., water purifing tablets, folding cup, deflated water jug, rope, knife, fishing kit, change of clothes, first aid kit, flashlights, ax, folding shovel, protein bars, jerky, sleeping bag, fire paste, matches, map, bug spray, and mosquito net, paracord and bank line, duct tape, different size zip ties, headlight,radio,hat,super glue,poncho, a lighter or 2 just in case and a compass, space blanket, signal mirror and whistle, magnesium stick,basic medication like asprin,extra batteries,soap strips, sunscreen, some type of water treatment or filter. Tarp to insulate from cold ground. Sleeping pad to further stop ground cold. Snacks and favorite toys.a book to identify edible plants, im making a map of all the edible plants and water sources in my area.and i like to carry an orange bandanna. The bandanna is everything from an air filter to a water filter to a sweat rag to a signaling device.

    For Children:

    Kids get cold alot easier than adults do so always carry long johns for them and fleece jacket and pants. What feels like a perfectly fine day to you and me in the 60's can be bone chilling cold to a child that has grown up temp controlled since birth. Also a fleece blanket for next to the skin and 100% wool blanket to wrap them in. The fleece keeps the itch factor of the wool away from sensitive skin and both will retain heat retaining ability even when wet. Pedialyte or electrolyte powder drink such as power aid or gatorade this can be mixed weakly and tastes better than the pedialyte solution so kids drink it better. Ensure brand drink. Tylenol fever reducing drops and colace for constipation as well as children's diarrhea medication. Boudreaux's butt paste. Sippy cups, antibacterial wipes, antibiotic ointment, children's bug repellent or thermacell. Sunscreen and hat. Extra clothes. Ziploc bags to seal soiled clothes inside a bag so you don't contaminate other contents within your BOB. Para cord, wooden clothes pins for line drying diapers and clothes. Tarp to insulate from cold ground. Sleeping pad to further stop ground cold. Snacks and favorite toys