Friday, August 24, 2012

Madtown Preppers on JJO Morning Show 9 AM Friday - Madison

We have been invited to be a guest on the local "hard rock" station's Morning Show.

These guys have been receptive to the Prepper way before and I decided to approach them about featuring a local Prepper segment.

We will see how much Truth they are willing to endure but, whatever word we can get out there about the techniques and importance of being Prepared is Greatly Appreciated!

Madtown Preppers is slotted for 9 AM Central.

I think we will give away a LifeStraw Filter on the Show!


If not in the Madison area, you can listen online at

Or you can interact on their FB Page:

Listen in, Call in 608 321-0941, chat, whatever.

Thanks for the Support, I promise I won't puke.