Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tactical Warrior Neck Knife w/Sheath & Whistle

A Great tactical, stealthy, versatile and CHEAP addition to your Bug Out Bag or your person.
Maybe a chain would be more secure, but it is virtually unnoticeable when worn as shown.
Tactical Warrior Neck Knife w/ABS Sheath/Whistle 3 1/8" Blade NEW - nebudchenezzarshipworks

Tactical Warrior Skeleton design neck knife with molded whistle sheath, and cord for neck carry. Light inexpensive cutting tool.... This neck knife has a full tang construction of black anodized 420 stainless steel with a razor sharp 3 1/8" blade and ABS handle. The impact resistant sheath holds the knife firmly in place. Includes a nylon neck cord for lightweight transport. 6 7/8" overall. This is a must-have for emergencies

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By: C.H. Kadels >>> 
 - Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Tactical Warrior Neck Knife

Reviewed By: Nate S.
I bought some of these and for the price, I cant complain at all, Just because it is cheap, Does not mean its not effective. I wore one under a thin button up shirt to a crowded restaurant and nobody noticed it, I even forgot I was wearing it. It is totally concealable, stays very well in place, The whistle on mine works just fine, and the cord can barely be seen if you wear a shirt with a collar. If the cord is visible, it looks like a regular necklace
 - Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Tactical Warrior Neck Knife

Reviewed By: vladimir
It's amazing! About knife it looks better than picture. It seems casting work, It has sharp point, sharp blade, but for this price its good enough. So next time guy only include cheap sharpener, and I'll sharp it. Sheath is very good, even has a whistle! Only thing that I would prefer is chain instead very short and weak nylon cord, but for this money who CARE?

 - Friday, November 18, 2011
Last Ditch

Reviewed By: Todd
So I ordered 12 of these for family, gifts and my bug out tub, EDC and geo caches. I was just looking to have a last ditch knife to hang around my neck. I really like the sheath and the design of this knife. The first thing I did was to put a double edge and sharpen these knives. They came fairly sharp but single edged. Not sharp enough to cut through paracord with one swipe. OK - got them sharp. I then ditched the cheap cord necklace for paracord and wrapped the handles. It's not the sharpest knife and doesn't look like it will stay sharp - but still giving 5 stars because for a what it is - You can't afford not to have many of them to stash around