Monday, March 12, 2012

Recent Prepper Blog Post re: Prison Supply Chain

>Word through the grapevine: a former US Special Forces member, who is now working for the Montana Prison System, has said that "big government" has instructed the prisons to be fully stocked and prepared to last for at least 6mo. Supposedly, there will be an "Earth shattering" event sometime between March 13th-23rd. Just as a heads up y'all. Be careful out there and be prepared! Sources are credible.
 >>>If your referring to J's post she did say where she got the info, it is good info, people can fear over it if they want or they can get those few items they might of needed just a little sooner! I mean if I hear a storm is coming to a certain area and it dont come am I fear mongering?

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  1. I say Prepping is a daily task that will vary on different particular situations.
    Being Prepared is the first and foremost important thing. The other option is not so promising.
    Fear is an emotion. Action is a job.