Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Colony - Orig Air 2010 - Great Prepper/Survival Show set in NO after Katrina

"The Colony" is is on (Planet Green HD) in marathon. It started about twenty minutes ago. It is the ones from 2009 but if you haven't seen them it is fairly educational on rebuilding society after catastrophy. This show was ahead of the curve on all the doomsday scenario show.
    •  thanks for the heads up

    • Too bad I don't get Planet Green :(
    • awww i dont get that channel eighter but i can find it on the internet tho

    • Argh!! I forgot to set my DVR and I am still at work for 5 more hours! :(I think in their streaming video. But it's the old ones like I said. They keep advertiseing that new ones start tonight at 8pm but according to my t.v.schedule it's the same old ones. 2009-2010. Maybe they mean it's new to their station? Who knows? Oh well. Back to watching genious/idiot people attempt to survive. :) I love this show but some of these people wouldn't last three days alone they are sooo stupid.

    •  Season 2 is going to be aired in marathon on saturday march 31'st at 3p.m. On planet green channel in hd.

    • there is no new Colony they didnt do season 3

    • you can watch it in netflix to

    • I tried finding a dvd on this but couldnt find it. Any one know if its avalble on dvd?

    • season 1 and 2 are on Amazon