Monday, March 5, 2012

  • Barry Sibole lollame stream media will show you nothing,
  • Andre Leger How long before the pressure releases, 2 days? A month? This is quick, seismic activity all over today esp. This has nothing to do with Tornadic Activity or Sun Energy release. New Madrid is on a 125-150 year cycle. We're about right dead center of that timeline.....
  • Michael Lay been 200 and last time it let loose was after a big flood likewhat just happened might be part of the post glacial rebound too
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  • John Johnson Wouldn't you think there would be some geologic activity if there was something going ont here?
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  • Michael Lay there has been movement all long ill see if i can post a screen shot of the eq3d witch is a free down load by the way
  • Cynthia Valyou-Lapoint Andre Leger the guy that does those informative videos said he believes a sizable earthquake will happen within 30 days or so.
  • Michael Lay and i hate the fact dutch is right so much
  • Andre Leger I like Amsterdam