Monday, March 26, 2012

An Interesting Discussion re: Dreams/Universal Mind

L.C.>> I had a dream last night where people were evacuated to shelters and was not told what was happening, then the othe people were talking about a meteor hitting and next i feel a huge rumble and everything was falling but then it stoped and we looked for imformation on what really happend. The military told us that almost the whole northern hemisphere was hit by a meteor and was coverd with flames, then i relized my mom and sisters live in the area of impacted thats when i woke up crying it seemed so real and i hope none of us will have to go through that

  • Dreams are keys. imo. That pain comes in many forms,, it's one thing soldiers use to "hype up" if you will. We're not mindless robots with guns, lol we feel feelings, but were trained how to rise above those feelings, almost instantly. Use ...See More
  •  I agree with Tim. Dreams are your minds attempt to work through emotions and stressors through the unconscious. Don't put too much stock into the dream scenario. Just allow them to be an outlet. Also, as T.E. mentioned, do whatever you ...See More 
  • Very true, I found myself (upon joining,and watching the show) that I got WAY to in depth Way too fast. I spent about a month on here ,and other groups, and doin some mad googlin, (<odd sentence structure) I was stayin up late,
  • I had vivid dreams for awhile after joining the group, and troubled sleep - it was overwhelming for me to read all the 'gloom 'n doom' and danger - I had to drop back for awhile and re-focus. Some people are sensitive to that sort of thing and need time to process. Best wishes to you, L. C.
    • Andre Leger
    • There could be a possibility of the subject of your dream was influenced by the universal conscious mind. It happens to me a lot. Getting worked up about things, communicating with like minds on the subject and your brain naturally has to work in out somehow. I find myself waking up after vivid ones and doing a mental reset to get straight. The interesting part, though, is when your communal dream/vision then happens, this is weird the first time. I'd like to say it gets easier. You kind of get used to it after a while. STAY POSITIVE. Conquer the issues you have control over. Continue to help people and move forward is my only advice

      This may be veering a little off-subject and I apologize if it is - let me know and I will remove the post - but here goes: Nightmares plagued me for many years; mostly re-living unhappy events. You can learn to control your dreams. I worked with a very skilled tauist and learned how to control a lot of body/mind functions that most people (including myself) typically believe are our of our range. The human mind is amazing and we never use 1/100th of our true capacity

    • Aye, dream control is called Lucid Dreaming. I can do it naturally (Hey Stan Lee) It can be very useful. for instance, in high school I used to do my homework in my sleep. They could never get how I could have semi good grades and no work to turn in. lol Also you get to use "Tools" of the brain that arent usually accesible. Like physics dont apply tottaly, in dream land. so you can bend and use time/space to your will,, IE using a 3rd person view of yourself, making 4+ images of the same concept. And doing different work in each one, while processing and staying current with each of your self's at the same time. :) I used the ISS room at my school. Because the room is always quiet, theres no decorations, just cubicle desks. So the scene is quiet and makes multi processing easier.

    •  good read, Tim! glad to see there are other people with this awareness

    •  Funny how I learned about it. lol I was a soldier and ( ya dont believe this part as a female, but its true, LOL---) I was actually reading the articles in Playboy. And they had a whole section on Lucid Dreaming.

    • Andre Leger I agree. Very, very effective tool of that computer we call a brain. Great discussion!

    •  Yeah, Tim.... reading the articles... LOL (I really believe you, but this was toooo easy for me to pass up)
       LOL For realz!! haha When in the Desert and bored,, you startd counting the grains of sand,, lolol

    •  Thanks, Andre - I am never sure any more what is okay here

    • Andre Leger There are plenty of cool headed folks in this group. It is possible to be serious, share ideas, and learn w/o being negative or pushing legal limits. I learn a lot here, THANKS ·
    • Tim, do you think being in the military (somewhat isolated from your familiar people/places and learning a new code of living) helped you see the need for this learning and/or facilitated it? My family is all military, in one fashion or another, and I see a lot of impact from the military code/way of life

    • The need for learning prepping or brain function? hehe My childhood Diagnosis of ADHD, and being hooked to computers, moving the screen with my mind, got me into other functional curiosities. :)

    • yeah, sorry - you have to be something of a mind reader to communicate with me

    • thanks for a great exchange, guys, and I apologize to Lane for hijacking his post ·

    • Andre Leger Jennifer, you can do THAT too? nice.... lol
    •  now, Andre....