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Off Grid EV Project: Nissan LEAF Leaps ahead/50,000 th LEAF to TX Family |

The #EVrEVolution continues as the 50,000 th LEAF is delivered to TX Family with Free Charging!

"In Texas Nissan & eVgo currently offer a two year “No charge to charge” promotion, which no doubt has helped spur EV sales there, however, that deal still does not match Tesla’s offer of Free EV charging for Life for their new electric cars." -

2013 Nissan LEAF SL Spoiler Solar Panel - MP Off Grid EV Project Page

Nissan LEAF Leaps Ahead Again -

Nissan LEAF #50,000 in USA
Nissan delivers 50,000 of their popular electric cars (the LEAF) in the USA and has delivered more than twice that many globally (115,000).
Back in (April 2010) I said that “This EV really could eventually become known as the “LEAP” (instead of LEAF) because its introduction helps Nissan “leap” ahead of their competitors by completely bypassing the production of a generation of hybrid (electric and petroleum propelled) cars/vehicles, such as Toyota’s popular Prius. This electric car clearly puts Nissan in the lead of helping the transportation industry transition from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles to those operating in a more environmentally responsible manner by using clean, green sustainable energy.”
Nissan delivers 50,000th all-electric LEAF in U.S. to Texas family - Nissan Newsroom

Previous Nissan LEAF sales Milestones include: Reaching 50,000 units in global sales back in
February 2013, at the time the Nissan LEAF was only available in 17 European countries, but that was enough to earn it the title of the world’s best selling highway-capable all-electric car ever and according to Nissan Press releases the “Nissan LEAF is the world’s top-selling electric vehicle.”.
About the LEAF:
The LEAF is Nissan’s zero emission pure electric vehicle (EV) and was just the first of many steps in Nissan’s massive commitment to sustainable mobility and helps clarify their belief that electric cars are the ultimate solution to that goal.
The Nissan LEAF EV is historically significant because it was the first pure electric car to be produced and distributed by a top ten auto manufacturer. The LEAF was first unveiled in August of 2009 and might become the ultimate green purchase for green-minded financially savvy car shoppers for many years to come.
The price for Nissan’s environmentally friendly EV in the USA is can be as low as $21,480 after Federal rebates. This price point is a “big deal” and a potential “game changer” not only because that will make the Nissan LEAF less expensive than the Toyota Prius, but also the same price as many petroleum-powered cars. For many potential new car buyers this could make an EV purchase for the first time in automotive industry history a proverbial “no-brainer” due to an EV’s inherent lower fuel, maintenance and general operating costs than any other previous and current offerings from the major auto manufacturers.
It is now possible to lease a new Nissan LEAF for less per month that many people currently pay for filling up their old gas guzzler each month!
In Texas Nissan & eVgo currently offer a two year “No charge to charge” promotion, which no doubt has helped spur EV sales there, however, that deal still does not match Tesla’s offer of Free EV charging for Life for their new electric cars. -
The Nissan Leaf 24 kWh battery pack is powered by lithium-ion batteries, with a power output of over 90kw, which in turn powers an 80kw electric motor, that is used for propulsion. The lithium-ion batteries have the capability to recharge 80% of their capacity in less than thirty minutes and can carry up to five passengers up to approximately 109 miles (175 km) on a single charge (as tested via the New European Driving Cycle). That allows approximately 100 miles of travel when charged at home to cost less than $2.75 (based on $0.11/kWh) or even less if charging at off-peak rates, which is offered by many local electric utilities.
Nissan LEAF #50,000 sold in Texas
Additional interest to the eco-friendly crowd Nissan has designed the LEAF (including the batteries) to be almost fully recyclable and thus environmentally sustainable. Nissan should be applauded for their amazing accomplishment and for being the first of the top ten auto manufacturers to deliver a mass-produced zero-emission vehicle to world markets.
In 2014 the Nissan LEAF became the most environmentally friendly car sold in the USA when compared to 1,300 other vehicles according to the Automotive Science Group (ASG) 2014 Automotive Performance Index. The Nissan LEAF has won many awards since being introduced: 2010 Green Car Vision Award, the 2011 European Car of the Year, the 2011 World Car of the Year, and the 2011–2012 Car of the Year Japan and’s 2010 EV of the Year Award, just to name a few.

Ken Burridge Author Byline
Ken Burridge drives a Nissan LEAF in Melbourne Australia


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