Saturday, January 5, 2013

Madtown Preppers New Radio Show - Stay Tuned...

From Our FB Page:

Stay Tuned Here Truth Seekers.

Madtown Preppers has been asked to Host a show on USA Emergency Broadcasting Network (

We are finalizing Time and Format, Likely similar to the Content of

Looking at Friday for a Web-Cast.

2013 is Going to Be a Great Year for those of Us Dedicated to Preparedness.
Survival in ANY Situation should be #1, but, Emergency Preparedness and Frankly Situational Preparedness are #1.5 equally.

One cannot Prepare for Every Situation.

But can have a plan and options, skills, personnel and frankly Knowledge to handle these Situations.

We all share the Knowledge.
We all share the same Spaceship currently.
We all Know what's Right.

What is the situation?

Being Prepared is not a week-end thing or a hobby.
It's not plotting, overthrowing, or threatening.
It's not "What's in it for Me?"

It IS a way of Thinking.

It's IS About Us, All of Us.
Some of Us Teach, some of us Lead.
Some of Us Nurture,
Some of Us Defend,
Some of Us Choose to Sleep through it.

ALL of Us are Together in this Ultimately.

We could not do it without the Trust and Honesty of individuals part of a Bigger Cause.

Thanks for all the Support!!!

Thanks Everyone!!!

Thanks for Trusting Each Other.

We'll Do this Together.

Walk the Path with Us.

"Situational Preparedness" w/Madtown Preppers
Time Date TBD

\stay tuned/ 
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