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Guerrilla Gardening Part I - Seed Bombs


 Guerrilla Gardening - Part 1 - Seed Bombs

Just watching this OPEN Forum about Seed Bombs.

Really Innovative.

Holistic Approach, Victory Garden type Forethought.

Great Tools for the Small Business OPEN Forum is Great.

Focusing on the real Skills one needs to be Successful.

We will be Sharing Innovators like this on our Blog and on Our Radio Show, Situational Preparedness on BlogtalkRadio

It's all about Sharing the Ideas and Knowledge, from People you Trust about Information.

Plus, I want to say "hi" to Tamron, Andre, Walnut Room, couple years back.  Really appreciate your work.  Seriously.

Stay Involved.

Stay Prepared.

NewsNation   |  Aired on April 20, 2012

Activists launch ‘seed bombs’ in cities

Emmy Gran, a guerrilla gardener who teaches a seed-bombing class, explains why groups of people are moving into abandoned or overgrown lots to plant flowers or food to beautify and improve public spaces.

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Take Time to Grow
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This article is from OPEN Forum. Powering small business success.

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Take Time to Grow

 Managing your inventory ensures your customers’ needs are being met.

January 13, 2013

How much do you need and when do you need it? Those two questions are constantly on the minds of small business owners who are selling their products. Of course, getting customers to buy is just part of the process. Once the orders come in, you have to make sure you have the inventory you need to fill them.

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USA Emergency Broadcasting Network

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Seed Bombs A Guide To Their Various Forms and Functions
The Seed Bomb (or Green Grenade) in whatever form it takes is designed to enable seeds to be sown in a hard to reach place and in locations where a gardener is unable to spend long preparing the ground for conventional sowing. They are therefore potentially of great use to guerrilla gardeners who have ambitions to garden in challenging locations or who fear trouble if they spend too long tending the ground and can enable very spontaneous floral attacks.
I have come across and experimented with several different designs. Some are easy to build at home while others are so high tech they are currently only laboratory prototypes. This short guide details my research and will hopefully encourage more inventiveness and testing amongst guerrilla gardeners so we can perfect the ultimate fertile projectile.
Please do share your experiences and ideas about seed bombing in the Community forum.
1 Classic Clay Seed Ball
A mixture of clay soil (or potter’s powder), compost and seeds in the ratio of 5:1:1 with water to bind. This is the most widely used method and their invention is credited to Japanese biologist and farmer Masanobu Fukuoka.  PROS: Easy to make at home, cheap and easily customised to local conditions, moulded into any shape. All the ingredients are entirely natural. CONS: Dirty to carry, the clay can easily become baked solid which then slows or prevents germination if there is insufficient rain.  Click here to find out more:Kathryn Miller seed bombing
Video Instructions
Seed Guns
Seed Bomb productionSeed Guns
2 NYC Green Guerilla Grenade
In the trash-strewn dereliction of 1970s New York guerrilla gardening thrived. The Green Guerillas created two designs for grenades made from rather controversial ingredients. Peat moss and chemical fertilisers are dubious for starters but on top of this eco crime is the instruction to contain this within either a glass Christmas bauble or plastic balloon! PROS: Easy to make at home, cheap and easily customised (for starters improve on this 1970s eco time bomb by using peat free compost and organic fertiliser).  CONS: Chucking around glass and plastic is dangerous and polluting, better to use a different method.  Diagram of Green Grenades
Full Instructions
Green Guerillas
3 Kabloom "SeedBom"
The SeedBom is beautifully crafted moulded grenade made from recycled paper, egg boxes, compost and seeds (plus the occasional tea bag) to a secret blend by Darren, an ingenious entrepreneurial Scottish guerrilla gardener. PROS: Available to buy ready made online. Beautifully clever with detailed instructions about how to use them. CONS: Unless you’re very clever you’ll need to buy these from Darren! Like real grenades they are quite delicate to handle and like clay balls they require plenty of rain to grow.        Kabloom - information about the SeedBom. SeedBom
4 Explosive Eggs
Ella 1305 and Aime 1306 invented the explosive egg method of seed bombing in 2007. They showed me how through a tiny incision in the shell of a raw chicken egg are first sucked the yolk and white and then seeds and a little dusty peat is dropped in. They write a message of hope on the outside. PROS: Simple natural ingredients which are also very easy to handle (if you pack them back into the egg box). CONS: You made need your grandmother to suck those eggs because these are a fiddle to make and the lack of much soil makes them little better than scattering seeds (though being in egg shells makes them easier to throw further). Explosive Eggs seed bombs for guerrilla gardening
Full Instructions
5 Seed Balloon
Vanessa 6111 is a very high-tech and industrious guerrilla gardener. In 2009 she developed a wide range of seed dispersal methods of which the Seed Balloon was the simplest. It is a biodegradable rubber balloon filled with a few seeds and helium, held with a string. PROS: Long distance projectile that can traverse great heights. Simple to make if you have some helium! CONS: Totally lacking in any kind of accuracy, you are at the mercy of where the wind takes the balloon, and the slow decomposition rate of the rubber is likely to detract from the seed’s effective germination. Vanessa has gone on to create more effective methods!
Vanessa's site
6 Seed Pills
Another creation by Vanessa, the seed pill is a versatile micro seed bomb. Seeds and compost are packed into a biodegradable pill capsule. This can either be thrown  manually or loaded into an airpistol-like device to shoot the seeds further and more accurately away. The pill is designed to fracture on impact with the ground. PROS: Very easy to handle and versatile (if you have a specially adapted air rifle - Vanessa uses a rifle that is ingeniously disguised as an SLR camera!) CONS: Fairly fiddly to make and currently not for sale. Seed Pill

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