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When Drones Attack!!! - PartVIII - Indianapolis- Update - Homicide


Anybody have anything legit on this "Gas Explosion" in Indy?

Stay Informed.


UPDATED: 21.11.2012

Indianapolis explosion now a homicide probe, officials say

By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 10:31 AM EST, Tue November 20, 2012
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Explosion being investigated as homicide

  • "We are turning this into a criminal homicide investigation," official says
  • Investigators want information about a white van and its occupants
  • The couple killed in the explosion was buried Monday
(CNN) -- The explosion that killed two people and hurt seven in an Indianapolis subdivision is now the subject of a homicide probe, authorities announced Monday.
Police want to know about a white van seen in the neighborhood before the November 10 blast that leveled several homes, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said. Neither Curry nor other investigators released any more details on the matter, saying only that a "parallel investigation" had been going on while they were trying to figure out the cause of the explosion.

"At this point, we are here to inform you that we are turning this into a criminal homicide investigation," Gary Coons, the city's homeland security chief, told reporters. The officials took no questions after the Monday evening announcement but asked the public to come forward with any information about the van and its occupants.

Houses flattened in explosion
The news came the same day that the couple killed in the blast, John Dion Longworth and Jennifer Longworth, were buried. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard said he attended the funeral Mass, and "I could not even imagine what the families are going through."
"But there is a secular side to this," Ballard said. "There is a search for truth, and there is a search for justice."
The late-night blast destroyed several homes and severely damaged more than 30, investigators said. At one point, 60 to 70 firefighters fought the resulting fires.
The local Crime Stoppers organization has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has offered $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction, Curry said.


Good Morning America

Authorities Probe Cause of Indianapolis Explosion

PHOTO: Firefighters work the scene where an explosion has killed two people and damaged more than a dozen homes in the Richmond Hill subdivision, Nov. 10, 2012, in Indianapolis.

Two days after a massive explosion in Indianapolis' Southside area left two people dead and dozens of homes destroyed, authorities continued their investigation today, and shaken residents banded together to help each other recover.
"It is still an investigation so we're very limited on the information we can give out," said Gary Coons, the chief of the Indianapolis division of the Department of Homeland Security. "We're looking at everything -- all causes, all possibilities. There's a lot of possibilities out there. ... There's a lot of possibilities that could trigger an explosion like this."
Authorities said they had launched a probe into the explosion, but cautioned they might not know the cause for days.
"You're talking days -- it could be weeks," Capt. Rita Burris, spokeswoman for the Indianapolis Fire Department, told ABC News. "They're going over the scene and processing evidence. It's still in the investigation stage."
Sarah Holsapple, a spokeswoman for Citizens Energy, said that no gas leaks had been found and that other lines were being tested. She said, however, that she did not know how long the testing would take.
"It's too early to speculate if this could have been caused by a leak," Holsapple said.


Indianapolis blast a high velocity explosive ~

There is little information coming out of Indianapolis, but all of what is coming out ind
icates that it was a high velocity detonation which occured a few feet off the ground.

There is little concrete foundation remaining at the house the explosion happened at, which totally rules out gas. The lack of high definition photos is damning, we are getting nothing of the blast epicenter and only the debris in the streets. I managed to find a super high quality photo of the neighborhood that does not focus on the house where it originated, but it is clear enough overall to seem to show that the foundation is gone and there is only dirt. But there is so much rubble that it is really hard to tell what is there without a better photo. I am working on this now, and will update it later.

I have received requests to explain the following photo better. When I mention the decompression damage, this is what I am trying to say. If you have a detonation from a military grade explosive, rather than a natural gas explosion, the shock wave that goes out from the blast is supersonic and forms a wall of bunched up compressed air as it moves outward. This creates a vacuum cavity in the heart of the detonation, which can go outward for several hundred feet. Air needs to rush backwards to fill that void after the blast wave has passed, and this creates an enormous suction after the intital blast that can cause significant damage in addition to the initial blast damage. So the arrows are pointing at windows, garage doors, and exterior walls of houses that got sucked off by this negative pressure wave. The fact that the houses I refer to had the external sheathing ripped outward, instead of being blown inward, proves that this was no gas explosion, which is subsonic, it was a detonation of military grade ordinance. Explosions are subsonic, detonations are supersonic, and detonations will cause the reverse pressure wave following the blast. Subsonic explosions will not. This is what I am referring to in the high res photo.

This is the only decent photo which will allow a study of the scene,It can tell us a few things, but not everything. More detail of the epicenter is needed. I hunted for that and cannot find it anywhere.

In the arab world, where the homes are made of solid concrete and have no wood at all, even inside, the negative pressure wave has a negligible effect. But in America, the homes are wood even if they have a brick face, and this will drastically increase the damage potential of the negative pressure wave. When our government decides to make such attacks commonplace, our homes will not offer any protection at all. In fact we are sitting ducks.

This was a much bigger blast than is being stated in the press, with eyewitnesses saying that 8 miles away it sounded like lightning hitting their homes, a recording being made at the time six miles away clearly recorded the blast, and it is not an explosion, it sounds like a detonation. Military veterans are saying it sounded exactly like military ordinance, and people two miles away from the blast say it was so loud they thought a bomb went off within their own yards. The blast effects in the high resolution photo indicate that not only was there a strong compression wave, but there was also a very strong subsequent decompression wave, with homes not badly damaged having their windows sucked out and not blown in, even while facing the direction of the blast. This effect is also visible on several garage doors.

Injuries from the scene exactly match those of battlefield blast wave injuries, which include lung damage, pulmonary damage, ear damage and psychosis/disorientation. This was NOT a gas explosion, meth lab explosion or anything else, it was a detonation of high grade explosives.
Since I do not have a better explanation I am going to tentatively state that the black helicopter and missile plume story could be possible, we all knew this was coming. But I have absolutely no confirmation of this or any other evidence other than blast effects. It appears that it was a smart guided bomb or missile with an ability to detonate after impact, (there are many bombs now that can be set to go off after they have entered a structure to a pre set depth.) This is what we are looking at, they did not want a crater forming ground burst but it appears to have stripped away the foundation. It sure would be nice to get a few REAL photos out of there.

I have also heard now from many writers that Fema and the DHS were on scene within three minutes. If true, this would be proof positive that it was a government hit, and as you know, Obama wrote himself some nice little tyrant powers that allow him to kill anyone he wants. I am not going to take the time to link it, if you don't already know this, you need to study your way to it. Welcome to the U.S.S.A, and in fact, it has been at least partially this way for a few years now.

I would like to know what the people who owned that house were doing. I would like to know if they had the goods on election fraud. I would like to know if they were in a position to be whistleblowers. I would like to know why on earth they were targeted like this, and I am not going along with a Sorcha explanation. The bottom line is I just don't have the answers here, the only thing I can affirmitively state is that this was a military hit of some sort.

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