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This is a page about the musings of a twenty year old military wife in a dying world. (The rate of death is up to interpretation.) Keep up with PrepperKat's blog and twitter from Facebook!
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well, That Was a Shock!

Today we're going to touch on something that everyone wants to think won't happen, or don't really take into consideration. When bad things happen to us, our bodies can react in all sorts of different ways. We've all heard of fight or flight, but there is another crucial reaction that people can have when their lives are turned upside down. It is called shock, and actually needs to be cared for as a medical condition. This can be a very dangerous problem if they are left to their own defenses.

In the case of psychogenic shock, physicians believe that this can be the brain's way of trying to avoid a situation it would rather avoid.What happens is the brain tells all of the blood vessels to dilate (get bigger) and causes the blood pressure in your head to drop suddenly and make you faint. The good news is that since you fall, your brain and heart return to the same level allowing you to regain consciousness.

In the first stage of shock there are several things to look for. The person in shock will be anxious and confused. They will have a rapid, strong pulse, fast, shallow breathing, and cool clammy skin. It may be anywhere from sheet white to normal and clammy. Their blood pressure will be normal with a strong radial pulse (you can feel it in their wrist). Their pupils are normal and change when you shine a light into them. They''l probably be thirsty, nauseous, and will probably empty their lunch onto the ground.Ever seen the scene in Bourne Identity when the guy crashes through the window and the have to leave the house? When Jason finishes fighting the bad guy and the girl starts asking questions and can't move, that's your shock patient (notice that she pukes as they leave the house. Some people are different and will be frantic This is normal.

In your second stage of shock people begin to have an altered level of consciousness. Their pulse becomes rapid and weak along with their breathing. By this point they will have cold, clammy skin, and have a pale to blue or mottled skin. Their blood pressure will be dropping and it will be harder to feel at their wrists. Their pupils will react slowly to light.

In the final stage, there is no going back and is called "irreversible shock". Your patient becomes unresponsive with an extremely fast heartbeat and will have slow, agonal breaths. Their skin will be blue or mottled, as well as cold. It will also be either wet or dry. Their blood pressure will be almost non-existent and you won't be able to find their pulse. Their pupils will be very slow to react if at all.

Make sure that you are paying attention to your team and keep them as calm as possible. If you believe anyone may be suffering from shock, treat them immediately to make sure they will get better. Stay calm and try to reassure them. Have them lay on their back with their legs bent and their head at the same level as their heart. If they are pregnant, have them lay on their left side with their right knee bent supported by a pillow. This will keep the baby from pushing on their blood vessels and keeping blood from returning to their heart. Make sure that their body temperature stays at a normal level by giving them a blanket. Make sure they are drinking water, and evacuate the area.

If a person goes into shock due to other reasons such as blood loss or other injury there are more steps that need to be taken. This is just an outline for shock due to psychological stress.

What are you afraid of if society collapses?



  1. This is a very informative article, but I think a follow-up article on a possible second stage response of panic/hysteria would be as equally informative. My daughter has a very active imagination and no matter how bad the situation is, she will what if.... until you want to gag her because she will be getting on everyone's nerves!

    I foresaw the trouble with the auto industry and having excess merchandise and no buyers as early as 1980. I also saw that bailing out the airlines would only cause companies to get irresponsible and not worry because Uncle Sam would take care of them. I have tried to convince myself that the EOTWAWKI is further in the future than the signs are showing. The evidence I see has made me start prepping. With Europe on the brink of financial disaster as well as the USA, the number of preppers will increase exponentially.

    I am involved with Girl Scouts and an Army brat, but I don't think it will be enough for what is coming.

  2. Nice Work. Honest. Keep it Up!!!

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Musings of a Pre-apocalyptic Wife

Musings of a Pre-apocalyptic Wife

This is a page about the musings of a twenty year old military wife in a dying world. (The rate of death is up to interpretation.) Keep up with PrepperKat's blog and twitter from Facebook!