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Earthquake Alert: 7.4M Guatemala - Tsunami Generated - CSP

Many Smaller Quakes in other Areas in the past Week.

Earthquake Alert: 7.4M Guatemala - Tsunami Generated 

A Earthquake of 7.4M has occurred of the coast of Guatemala at 16:35 UTC November 6, 2012. A Tsunami wave has been generated its height is only 0.2 meters, and has been declared not a danger to the US West Coast by the NOAA.
The earthquake occurred in the ocean about 15 miles south of Champerico, Guatemala. There has been no immediate reported casualties in the area.
The minor Tsunami wave is due to pass the US West Coast for the next 3 to 4 hours. So please be alert. Again this wave is less then a foot height and should not pose any threat, however I would delay any water activities on the West Coast until later.

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Source Report

7.4 magnitude quake off Guatemala-Mexico coast: USGS

Agence France-Presse
Posted at 11/08/2012 2:18 AM | Updated as of 11/08/2012 2:24 AM
GUATEMALA CITY - A strong 7.4 magnitude quake struck off the Pacific coast of Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador on Wednesday, prompting panicked evacuations, but there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.
The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake struck at 1635 GMT at a depth of 41.6 kilometers (25.9 miles), some 24 kilometers (15 miles) south of Champerico, Guatemala and 163 kilometers (101 miles) west-southwest of Guatemala City.
The Mexican Seismological Service said seven aftershocks followed the quake, which it put at a magnitude of 7.3, some 68 kilometers southwest of Ciudad Hidalgo in the state of Chiapas.
The quake was strongly felt in Guatemala City and southwestern Mexico, and people streamed out of homes, schools and office buildings as far north as Mexico City.
"We just had an earthquake," Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard wrote on Twitter.
"It was intense in a good part of the city," he said, adding later that the quake did not cause any damage in the sprawling capital.
One Mexico City metro line was briefly suspended but Ebrard reported moments later that the system was back running normally.
The USGS had initially measured the quake at 7.5 magnitude.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there was no destructive widespread tsunami threat.
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Source: ABS-CBNNews


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And just Doing some digging to find more Updates and I get this:

Orange Earthquake alert in Guatemala on 07/11/2012 16:35 UTC
GDACS Event Report - Summary


Interactive map: Open
This earthquake can have a medium humanitarian impact based on the Magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.
Updated: this report is based on update number 3.

  • Earthquake magnitude 7.4M and depth 41.6km
  • on 07/11/2012 16:35 UTC
  • 2310000 people within 100km


The maximum Tsunami wave height is in El Pumpo, Guatemala. This height is estimated for 06 Dec 2012 19:25:00.


Known identifiers for this event: usb000dlwm (neicid)

Latest media headlines

Articles: 435 | About casualties: 21 | Last hour: 0
Al menos 29 muertos por un fuerte terremoto en Guatemala

Yeah, Check out the Timestamp on that one...

M4.3 - 13km W of Whitesburg, Kentucky 2012-11-10 17:08:13 UTC

ShakeMap Intensity Image


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