Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Historic wins as marijuana is legalized in CO and WA - FINALLY!


Historic wins as marijuana is legalized in CO and WA -

Marijuana advocates nationwide have much to celebrate in the war against prohibition.
On November 6th, as President Obama was re-elected, voters in Washington and Colorado passed marijuana legalization by wide margins. Oregon's legalization initiative barely failed.
Massachusetts passed medical marijuana legislation while Arkansas lost their bid for medicinal use of marijuana by less than 5%.
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition posted on their Facebook page early news of the victories Tuesday night, citing a huge step toward drug law reform.
The D.C. lobby group Marijuana Policy Project and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws - NORML - have both hailed the landmark wins as historic and reminiscent of how alcohol prohibition was finally defeated in the early 20th century.
Whether or not a newly revived Obama administration will respect the new laws of these pro-marijuana states remains to be seen, but with no looming re-election concerns, perhaps President Obama will take steps as our leader to show support for those citizens who voted Tuesday to legalize marijuana in their states. will closely follow the progression and implementation of these new historic laws.

, Kansas City Political Buzz Examiner

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