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Watching the dvr of the NASCAR Race in Kansas. Every Major commercial break includes a 30 sec spot from - Shows families building BOB's, Bugging out with 2 Gal of H20... I find the timing of these things no more a coincidence than
the timing of SE Quake Drill, Rumors of new Wm Dees ie EEE mm P, and computer hacking from Irn. Weird. Or Signs? F..A Media Library: ESPN Teams Up with the Ad Council and FEMA on Ready Campaign - Cached
- NFC North Battle on Monday Night Football: Bears vs. Lions- Sunday NFL Countdown: Earl Campbell on the Evolution of the Workhorse Running Back; Steelers LaMarr Woodley and More- Snickers...


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Homeland Security Report (New WMDs EMP Attack)...
Csp Hesafety10:39pm Oct 20
Homeland Security Report (New WMDs EMP Attack)
Here is a report from the Washington Times that is based on a Pentagon sponsored report that is talking about new WMD, to include EMP weapons, cyber-attacks and Financial Attacks.

Already this country is under two of these type of New WMD attacks everyday, Cyber and Financial (from China), now a new report and speculations have been running high that Iran has the technology and the will to launch a EMP attack on either Israel or the US.

Now then questions comes down to how to prepare your family for these new threats. Faraday cages are easy to construct and can save some important / sensitive personal equipment. Solar power generators maybe effected by an EMP but the Solar panels should not. So I would suggest that if you have a solar generator, store a few of its capacitors backups in Faraday cages in order for you to replace any that are “burned out” during a EMP attack.

Before we start to panic over a possible EMP attack, we need to ask ourselves what would be gained by launching a EMP attack. The enemy would also suffer from the same effect as we do, so I think a follow up invasion of our homeland would be doubtful.

However it would serve as a way of bring no only the US but the whole world beck into the stone age. Then who ever initiated a EMP attack, would be the focal point of any and every retaliator strike that the rest of the world could mustard. So even though there is a possible of an EMP attack, and yes we should prepare for it, it would be highly doubtful that it would happen.

I would really focus on the other two new types of attacks Cyber and financial..

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Homeland Security Report (New WMDs EMP Attack)

Here is a report from the Washington Times that is based on a Pentagon sponsored report that is talk...

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