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PREPARE Digital Magazine - Free One Year Subscription

Just received this link from a colleague.

Really Cool Content.
Free for a Year (Digital Subscription)
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Nice Work!



PREPARE Magazine

About Us

It is our great desire to help you in the Journey of Preparedness.  We want to be a resource to help “Prepare you with the tools, tips, skills and encouragement you will need for the days ahead.
Greetings and Welcome to PREPARE Magazine.  It is our honor that you have you visiting with us, and we are sincerely grateful for your visit and interest.  On behalf of the whole PREPARE Magazine and YPS team, please enjoy your time on the site and be sure to let us know if we can be of service to you in any way.

Vision and Mission

PREPARE Magazine released our first digital issue in April 2012 as a visible expression of our heart-felt desire to serve others in Preparation training and encouragement.  The purpose and mission of PREPARE Magazine is to provide expert and purpose-filled training in preparation (preparedness), self-sufficient living, and survival skills for difficult times that may be approaching.
Our family has been active in preparing for over 25 years  and we’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful people along the preparedness journey.  We’ve been inspired and encouraged by their dedication, expertise, and friendship.
We have studied and worked to develop our own preparedness lifestyle, we have seen many changes in the self-reliance movement.  There is a lot of fear emerging in the hearts of people, and often poor decisions are being made as a result.  Our goal is to provide quality and expert training, encouragement, and resources, to help people become better prepared for the days ahead.  We want to help facilitate and build a strong community of like-minded people who bond together with the message of hope and life.
We are always looking for others to join with us in this journey and are grateful for the opportunity to share ideas, tips, skills, and lots of budget-saving suggestions.  Please visit our Contributors section for information on how you can get connected.
In upcoming publications, we will be sharing information and resources on self-sufficient living, gardening, farming, solar energy, livestock, homesteading, survival skills, foraging for food, water, storage, living more frugally and ways to saving money on your preparation.  These are just a few of the areas we intend to explore and train.
As you are browsing the site you will want to be sure and visit our Knowledge-base and FAQ section.   In addition to being a great resource for information, it will also give you some further insight into the mission and vision of PREPARE Magazine.
We will continue to expand services and we look forward to a very special time ahead, as we continue to share our passion, creativity, and expertise in preparedness, self-reliance, community building, and family.  We hope you enjoy visiting with us.
Best Blessings on our Journey together!
PREPARE Magazine Family

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