Saturday, August 11, 2012

Interesting Post re: EMP Attack Scenario - US

via Michigan Preppers FB Group:

If you have any more info pleas let me know and get the word out as well. Just in case......


from a well connected friend via IM tonight
I had one of my military friends send me a warning
I am going to pass it on to you but discreetly share it where it can do the most good I don't want to compromise my friend

One of my friends serving in (redacted) passed a rumor that a few of the captured scuds from Iraq have come up missing, just on the qt he is concerned that "rogue" govt intel members may be planning a EMP attack on CONUS using the scuds in October to trigger O's martial law and use Iran and us a\s a scapegoat to get reelected

An #EMP attack would knock out the military loyal to the constitution and those loyal to O would be warned in advance

he thought there could be as many as 4 to 6 missing advanced scuds the ones with increased range
they are trying to find what happened to the scuds w/o the civilian intell knowing they are looking for them

probably I am just being paranoid but I worked in a BN S-2 shop years ago and paranoia is catching

if they play this type of game it would only take a few in the know rogues to do a lot of damage

I don't trust the civilian ones either, they didn't seem to have any ethics when I was in and seem to have less now

JLR - a 10MT emp @ 300 miles would take out coast to coast & mid canada to mid mexico - lower = smaller damage circle

yes, and if the guys making the coup were in the know, they could safe their equipment while the loyal units and civilian the infrastructure will be gone - other thing i was passed is the field grades and flag rank who are loyal to the constitution are being posted overseas - like someone in personnel is trying to remove our defenses

and the orders are coming from the highest civilian levels - if you can find a way to share the idea of getting really readdy for something bad in October - we may be the main defense force for our military guys when they are doing E & E from whatever is coming for them

any secondary conformation of this - any more info ?

cross IM

you know, have a few retired mil friends who had GREAT bug out shelters here in the US, they recently sold them, spur of the moment decisions after visiting with other recently retired mil friends, are moving to s america, in fact, adament about getting out the end of THIS month, they say that we will be 'locked in the US', "emp sometime late Sept/early Oct", the "jihad on our s border have scuds", 'several of them', 'will use them for the emp'
they leave here the 3rd week of this month, going to FLA, have sold everything, will sell their car in FLA, several bags packed, will pay the freight, want to be GONE from here asap
HUMMMMMM - may I cross IM this infro ANNON of course
so, get solar stuff, generator, fuel, etc, get foods up to at least 3 years of planning, like yesterday
you bet

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