Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Extreme Home Defense Part 3 - 10/22 Black Rifle Upgrade

As part of our ongoing series of the some of the most extreme home defense tools, I ran across a post in a blog of this badass Ruger 10/22 Upgrade:

Posted By: N.S. >>>
The Ruger 10/22.  What an incredibly versatile machine.  Many options are available for this well-owned rifle.

Many know about rails, collapsible stocks, optics, etc. for the Rugged Ruger.

ProMag puts everything together in one easy to build package.

Breaking it out of the packaging, 2 page instructions, some basic tools, and some patience and you have a Tactical Rifle Upgrade that increases efficiency, decreases weight, and adds many other options to the standard plinker.

Many will say: .22 cal does nothing, has no stopping power.  Well, some don't want the hassle of purchasing an AR or feeding it.  .22 LR rounds are still dirt cheap.  And after 3-6 taps in the upper torso, that intruder might not be hanging around.

I'm going to include some basic pics, assembly is simple if your are halfway decent with tools and have patience.

Kit as it comes with proposed Red Dot Scope, Flip-Up Sights, and Barrel Lamp w/Laser.

Broken Down 10/22, Action, Sight Mount, Mag Release, and Hardware Removed.

Finished Product = .22 cal. Tactical "Black Rifle" for 1/3rd of the Cost/Hassle.

YouTube Video Used for Reference:
Archangel Stock for Ruger 10/22 Carbine Rifle

We costed this out.
Archangel Kit: $125 avg.
Red Dot Scope 30mm: $35 avg.
Flip Up Sights: $25 avg.
Tactical Light/Laser Combo: $30 avg.
Original Cost of Ruger (used): $150 avg.
If you're good, sell the extra parts i.e. Buttstock, etc.
Not Bad, Reliable, Trusted, Cheap/Available Ammo, Not an Assault Rifle, GREAT VALUE!
-- N.S.

Extreme Home Defense Part 2 Assault Rifle - MadtownPreppers

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