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Making a 32-Piece Every Day Carry (EDC) Survival Kit |

Making a 32-Piece Every Day Carry (EDC) Survival Kit

February 11, 2013
my edc
My wallet isn’t thick and it’s certainly not lined with credit cards, but I do carry something with me every day that is much more important than any piece of plastic from a financial institution. It’s my Every Day Carry (EDC) Survival Kit.
I put this kit together many years ago with one thought in mind: if I were to get stranded on the side of the road over night, if I were to get lost in the woods for a few days, if I were to not be able to make it home for any reason and had to spend the night without food or pre-made shelter, what would I want to have with me to make my stay more pleasant.

As I assembled the items, I wanted the kit to be lightweight and easy to carry. A heavy or cumbersome kit will most often get left behind and that defeats the purpose.
I started with a small Altoids tin but I quickly found some deficiencies with that container. Now I use a Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer. It works well despite being a little larger than I’d like.
Here’s what my EDC includes:
  1. Contractor yard bag
  2. 5 self-adhesive bandages
  3. 4 self-adhesive butterfly bandages
  4. Moleskin
  5. Index cards
  6. Cotton balls (inside the Altoids tin)
  7. Ibuprofen (inside the Altoids tin)
  8. Altoids Mini Tin
  9. Duct tape
  10. Waterproof matches
  11. Iodine tablets
  12. Iodine tablet neutralizer
  13. P-38 can opener
  14. Whistle
  15. Aluminum foil
  16. Sterile surgical blade
  17. Safety pins
  18. Snare wire
  19. Pen
  20. Emergency Thermal blanket
  21. Mag Lite Solitaire flashlight
  22. Swiss Army knife
  23. 10′ of paracord
  24. Firesteel
  25. Small fish hooks
  26. Split-shot fishing sinkers
  27. 50 feet of fishing line
  28. Rubber band (around the plastic bag)
  29. Resealable plastic bag
  30. Bandana
  31. Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer
  32. Resealable dry pouch
That’s what’s in my kit as of today. However, over the years, I’ve found that my kit is always a work in progress. I’ll find something else that may be of use to me in a survival situation and stuff it in the kit. As I learn new skills or grow in ability, I may remove other items.
my edc put togetherIn prior posts, I’ve written about the multiple uses or purposes of many of these items. For example, the yard bag can be used as make-shift rain gear, a water catch, a shelter covering, an insulated jacket, or a distress signal. Likewise a handkerchief or bandana has a bunch of uses for the survivor. You can find these posts in the Survival Kit category. I’ll continue to post about the other items.
I typically carry this kit in a backpack with other supplies including my first aid kit, some homemade MREs, a rain coat, a water bottle, metal cup, fixed-blade knife, etc. So, although this kit is designed to be self-contained, I do typically have some other items with me as well. I’ll post that list another time.
What am I missing? What do you carry?

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