Wednesday, March 13, 2013

51 ft Black 1 4" Paracord GEAR2SURVIVE USA 550 Cord Bug Out Bag Survival New | eBay

We just got these in.  Amazing USA Made Quality!!!
Shipped from NebShip and Gear2Survive shop.
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 Gear2Survive - Survival/Emergency 1/4" X 51' Paracord Made in USA!!! - NEW!

On Sale!!! Save 20%!!!
$8.99 + Shipping...
  • Custom Cut from 3000' Spool
  • Certified USA 550 Rated Cord
  • 7 Strand/1/4" Braiding
  • 51 foot length
  • Custom cut at Gear2Survive Shop, GA

Custom Cut and shipped from Gear2Survive shop, GA, Made IN USA!!!
No outsourced foreign substitutions.

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US Sales Only - No International Shipping
Combined Shipping Discount - $1.50 each additional cord after initial purchase
******Please feel free to contact me with any questions*******

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