Monday, December 17, 2012

Madtown Preppers on jjo Morning Show Tuesday 9:30 AM/Zombiepocalypse Giveaway

From the "We Must be doing Something Right File":

We have been invited Back!!  Yes to be a guest on the WJJO's Morning Show.

Also Madtown Preppers in conjunction with Nebudchenezzar Shipworks are sponsoring the EOW Zombiepocalypse Party @ Reverend Jim's Roadhouse - Madison 21.12.2012!!!

We are Sponsoring the Zombiepocalypse EOW Party Friday 21.12.2012 with the JJO Morning Show and Reverend Jim's - RevJims Roadhouse!!!

Door Schwag fo the first 94 Peeps in the Door with a Chance to Win a Nebudchenezzar Shipworks Zombiepocalypse Survival Kit.

See you there, Right?
Stay Alert.

 We will see how much Truth they are willing to endure but, whatever word we can get out there about the techniques and importance of being Prepared is Greatly Appreciated!

Madtown Preppers is slotted for 9 AM Central Monday.


If not in the Madison area, you can listen online at

Or you can interact on their FB Page:

Listen in, Call in 608 321-0941, chat, whatever.

Thanks for the Support, This time it's Serious.