Monday, December 10, 2012

Fireball Over Texas Prompts Worries of Mayan Apocalypse

Well, It is that time.

The time when most of Prepper Nation is in Final Last Minute Prep Mode:
  • Rotating Stock 
  • Stockpiling Last Minute Supplies 
  • Obtaining Fuel
  • Calculating Water/Food Calculations
  • Fortifying Security
  • Waiting...

The Oncoming Celestial Alignment associated with the end of the Long Count Mayan Calendar, brings unknown forces and astronomical anomalies to bear upon our tiny Spaceship Earth.

With that, comes many Celestial Events as Meteor Showers, Strange Seismic Events (Fukushima occurred the day of a Major Alignment), as well as the Coronal Mass Ejection possibilities associated with the Alignment predicted for December 21,  2012.

To think that this particular Predicted Event is not supposed to be significant to the Earth is frankly Ignorant.

Whatever happens on this Day (or a day before or after) will change the way we look at our Existence as Humans at least.

Prepping is a Daily Task that continues Before/During/After an Emergency or Disaster.

This particular day should bear no more weight than any other Prepping day.

Consistent, Continuous Prepping will still be necessary to ensure Safety in the event of an Emergency.

Stay Safe out There.

We'll be here to help in some form or another.


Fireball Over Texas Prompts Worries of Mayan Apocalypse -

truther December 9, 2012

M. Frank Drover
A pre-dawn fireball streaked across the Houston, Texas sky this morning and was seen as far north as Dallas, over 200 miles away. It was so bright that the unidentified flying object was spotted by NASA’s
meteor camera some 500 miles west of Houston in Mayhill, NM.
Concerned residents contacted local news stations to report what has been described as a “huge shooting star-like object.”
Local radio broadcasts immediately began receiving calls, many from people who were driving to work, with some asking whether the fireball in the sky could be a sign that the fabled Mayan Prophecy has begun.
The Maya were a mesoamerican civilization that are believed to have been one of the most advanced peoples to live in the Americas, having developed language, mathematics and astronomical systems.
The prophecy refers to December 21, 2012, which is believed by some to be the date the world will end – Doomsday.

Though disputed by most mainstream science, some historians and mathematicians have concluded that the date, calculated from the Mayan Calendar, will lead to massive changes on earth that may include floods, earthquakes, and solar events.

The scenario was popularized in the Hollywood blockbuster 2012.

Despite some panic, NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston insisted that this was not a sign of the coming destruction of the planet, but rather, just a rogue asteroid originating from the asteroid belt between the planets Mars and Jupiter (which incidentally is theorized to have been created when a large planet-size object met its Doomsday).

“It is a meteor, most likely a fragment from the asteroid belt and not associated with the Geminid meteor shower,” said NASA spokesman Bill Cooke.

M. Frank Drover is a co-editor and contributor for The Daily Sheeple


 Mysterious Object Crossing from Stereo Behind HI2 - December 7, 2012
mystery incoming object analyzed .. 3MIN News December 8, 2012:

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