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APN | Family Preparedness Newsletter: Happy New Year To All You Preppers!‏

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Dec 30, 2012
Dear Madtown Preppers,

Have you got a New Years Resolution? We've got some we'll be happy to share. But before you wear the silly paper hat, toot the party favor, or toss the confetti, come feel the vibe on a Prepper's version of the Magic Blue Bus. Plus, don't forget to catch the thorough write-up about the APN by Closing out 2012 and starting a week off right, we present your American Preppers Network weekly newsletter.
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Prepare to be Resolved 
by Robert Hawkins           

"AMATEUR NIGHT", as the bartenders call it, is upon us.
New Years Eve brings out champagne & confetti all over the world. Another year is history, and a new year begins. 
"The Year to End All Years" comes to a close, with doomsday soothsayers claiming December 21 as the end of the world, now going back to recheck their calculations and consult crystal balls...12/21/12 came & went like just another day. It's not that all those "end-timers" got it wrong, it's just that common sense got it right.

What's certain in it all is that trying to predict the future is like pushing a rope... try all you want but just don't get anywhere. Even a Vegas craps dealer will tell you smart money bets on the pass, instead of the come, the odds are better.

Still, as preppers, we anticipate hard times.  we're motivated to prepare for things happening which may upset our applecart, and it's in our nature to aim on having resources available to manage adversity. You can't rationally prepare for the end of the world, but the loss of a job, an illness, a power outage, or the check not showing up in today's mail... that's all something we can work on. 

Since it's common to set resolutions each New Year... lose weight (my personal resolution), stop smoking, etc. it's a no-brainer to set resolutions that reflect a Prepper nature.  Namely, to be more self-reliant, self-sustaining, and less dependent on outside resources.  And to achieve all that, it's smart not to bite off more than one can chew. Set resolutions that are easily met, like...

RESOLUTION #1 Cut the power bill in half.
It'd be nice to totally live off grid...stoke a fire, tilt a solar panel, or spin a windmill, and have all the electricity you need with no bill every month. But too often adopting new technology can be too expensive, too complicated, or simply not feasible for one reason or another. But that's no reason not even try. One of the best methods of achieving independence is in scaling back demand of what you already use. More energy efficient appliances, less lights on, lower wattage lightbulbs, better home insulation, all of these work together to make your power bill less, as well as easing your dependence on the juice from the power company's meter. 

Water use...It don't grow on trees you know...
Most urban dwellers don't give a second thought with a glass of water always available straight from the tap... heck, most SUB-urban types take it for granted too. But water is precious when it's availability is removed. What can a Prepper resolve to do? How about an alternate water source like a rainwater collector, or investing in a private well? Water conservation can take a practical form, with low water volume flush toilets, or limiting the use of sink garbage disposals. Even a larger capacity, energy & water saving washer can go far to decrease your water demand.

RESOLUTION #3 Feeding the Gas-starved Beast

We ALL drive somewhere. To work, from work, to school, from school, wherever. Everyone is at least 10 miles from wherever they need to be, and EVERYONE is getting gas at the pump. While we can all wish for happier times and cheaper gas, it's akin to banking on Zombies invading the local Save-Mart for the Fresh Brains 2-for-one-special... it's not going to happen.  So, a smart Prepper would resolve to wean off the use of the car or better yet, find a way-cheaper, gas-miserly ride. Didn't you know it ain't cool to own a SUV anymore? And it may hurt at first, but as my Dad would say..."It wouldn't kill you to WALK!"

RESOLUTION #4 Plan for no plan.
Sounds weird, but there's practical logic there. Think about all those Preppers who fully anticipated Man-eating Flying Monkeys from Mars invading on 12/21, and who stocked up on Flying Monkey repellent, dug a Monkey-proof bunker, only to see Mad Flying Monkey Day come & go, WITH NO FLYING MONKEYS!
The plan kinda went south. Now craigslist & ebay is flooded with cheap selling Monkey-proof bunkers, and all the repellent you can carry.  What this means is resolve NOT to keep getting too focused on any one thing in your preps. Prepare, but prepare for ANYTHING.

These resolutions are a start, they offer the right direction we can all take in this coming New Year. In any event, how this next year shapes up, better or worse than the last, will ultimately be determined on how resolute you are in making it the best it can be. So Happy New Year & Prepare to be Resolved!         - RH
Robert Hawkins
If he's not on the internet, he's on his Ham Radio!  Robert Hawkins (KI4HEE) always keeps Prepping in his thoughts. While on his second career in the Media Arts, Hawkins promotes the spirit of Preppers through his efforts as an administrator of the APN Open Group on Facebook, and other APN media projects. 


What's a "prepper"?
With reports circulating that Nancy Lanza was a survivalist, questions emerge about the movement
In an interview with local NBC affiliate WHDH 7 in New Hampshire this weekend, Marsha Lanza recalled that the last time she saw her sister Nancy, the conversation turned to disaster preparedness.

"Last time we visited with her in person we talked about prepping and, you know, are you ready for what can happen down the line when the economy collapses."

Since then, subsequent reports have suggested Nancy Lanza - the mother and first victim of Newtown, Conn., shooter Adam Lanza - may have been part of a survivalist movement known as "preppers." And while it may prove impossible to confirm her affiliation in this loosely organized network of gun enthusiasts, back-to-the-land types and the generically cautious, the tragedy at Sandy Hook has invited increased scrutiny. READ MORE

(The Salon article was a thorough article, but of course they had to throw in a little spin towards the end) 

Doomsday Ready? More Americans Becoming 'Preppers'  by Chuck Holton / CBN News
BLACK MOUNTAIN, N.C. - When an unexpected summer storm knocked out power across the mid-Atlantic region in July, more than 4 million people went without power for up to two weeks.

Throughout the summer, a severe drought across much of the country also put a serious strain on the nation's infrastructure.

Couple that with the threat of a currency collapse, civil unrest, and other nightmare scenarios - stocking up for the unexpected is looking smarter all the time. READ MORE

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FoodPrepsFood Preps and Recipes

Flour Facts You Need To Know 
By Jalapeno Gal

When it comes to preparing for economic collapse, job loss & natural disasters, we are taught to store food those hard times.

 Let's face it, with all the information out there on how to store your food, it can get mighty confusing.  Flour seems to be controversial as to how long it is *safe* to store.  After much research, I put together a list of facts I have found on many different types of flours.  Remember to do a basic test of any staples before using them.  Observe and smell.  If either test fails, then be safe and toss it out.

All Purpose Flour is a blend of hard and soft wheat.  As one of the most commonly used flours in America, it can be bleached or unbleached.  Chemically treated flour is labeled bleached and flour that is allowed to age naturally is considered unbleached.

Shelf life:  If properly sealed or wrapped, all-purpose flour should last safely on your shelf for 10-15 months.  If refrigerated, then up to 24 months.  I found reports of people who have used it well beyond this (but not too many) and that is up to you.  Heat and moisture accelerate staleness, so store in a cool, dry place.  When weather is hot and humid outside, store it in your freezer.
Bread Flour is made from hard, high protein wheat.  It is unbleached and conditioned with ascorbic acid.  This creates better texture and increases volume.  Bread flour is used primarily with yeast products.
Shelf Life: If properly sealed or wrapped in an air tight container bread flour can last 6 months on the shelf or up to a year in the freezer.
SafetyTipsNuclear, Biological, Chemical...and Fire Safety Tips
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  CollapseCollapse Medicine

Traumatic Head Wounds
By Dr. Bones

Head injuries can be soft tissue injuries (brain, scalp, blood vessels) or bony injuries (skull, facial bones), so I've placed this section between soft tissue and orthopedic problems.  Damage is usually caused by direct impact, such as a laceration in the scalp or a fracture of the part of the skull that contains the brain (also called the "cranium"). An "open" head injury means that the skull has been penetrated, possibly exposing the brain tissue;  if the skull is not fractured, it is referred to as a "closed" injury.

Damage can also be caused by the rebound of the brain against the inside walls of the skull; this may cause tearing of the blood vessels in the brain, which can result in a hemorrhage. There may be no obvious penetrating wound in this case; the original trauma may even have occurred at a site other than the head. An example of this would be the violent shaking of an infant or a serious case of "whiplash"

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