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Volcano Season - Increased volcanism Worldwide/New activity in previously Dormant Exinct areas | dutchsinse

Volcano Season Update:

Breaking 04.11.2014:

M4.1 #earthquake 70 km ESE Lakeview, OR - Depth: 0.0 km (surface)

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We have been following the increased uptick in volcanism worldwide for the past 6 months.  

The recent activity in Japan, South America, Iceland, Hawaii, and the new activity on the California/Nevada border has us very concerned.#Yellowstone continues to be an ongoing threat...

Special Map
Recent Earthquakes in Yellowstone National Park

As our previous post on Volcanism, we are watching Dormant and Extinct volcano systems worldwide show a Dramatic increase in activity.

An example of the possible distribution of ash from a month-long Yellowstone supereruption. The distribution map was generated by a new model developed by the U.S. Geological Survey using wind information from January 2001. The improved computer model, detailed in a new study published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, finds that the hypothetical, large eruption would create a distinctive kind of ash cloud known as an umbrella, which expands evenly in all directions, sending ash across North America. Ash distribution will vary depending on cloud height, eruption duration, diameter of volcanic particles in the cloud, and wind conditions, according to the new study. Credit: USGS

Also, with the Monitoring agency scrubbing data, such as a M5.5 #quake in a extinct volcano in Scotland, we need to be more vigilant on monitoring the feeds ourselves.
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10/22/2014 — TWO extinct volcanoes could blow in South America — Last erupted 160,000 yrs ago

by Michael Janitch

TWO volcanoes in South America could erupt any time ... last time they erupted 160,000 years ago!!!!

Now I think we can say things are getting a bit strange geologically.  The amount of unrest picking up is phenomenal to say the least:

The last eruption 160,000 years ago?   This now confirms that extinct / dormant volcanoes are showing activity.

Cerro Negro volcano, and Volcán Chiles volcanic complex  are located along the border of Columbia and Ecuador.  Both ancient volcanoes are  experiencing unrest ..... Authorities
worried a recent large earthquake in the area is a sign of impending eruption.

Colombia-Ecuador border earthquake sparks concern of possibly imminent volcano eruption

"Authorities in southwestern Colombia have raised alert levels on Tuesday after a 5.6M earthquake hit the border region, sparking concerns that two nearby volcanoes might erupt in a matter of days. 

Colombia’s Geological Service have changed the alert level of two volcanoes from yellow to orange. The two volcanoes are Cerro Negro and Chiles, both active on Colombia’s southern border to Ecuador.

The orange alert level is defined by the Geological Service as “probable eruption in term of days to weeks.”

The earthquake that hit the border region causes a scare on both side of the border.

Officials in the Colombian town of Cumbal, near the quake’s epicenter, were quoted as saying by The Associated Press that they formed an emergency committee to survey possible damage. But so far, there were no reports of injuries in the town of 36,000 residents, the majority of them members of an indigenous tribe.

“It was really strong, every house” felt it, Jose Diomedes Juezpesan, the town’s top official, told AP.

If the volcanoes are to erupt, it will mostly affect the state Nariño. Local state government have started to take security measures in order prevent tragedies.

Nariño government officials have recommended suspending school classes, delivered a special communication system to indigenous communities in the area and offered the indigenous communities tents if the evacuate their premise while the volcanoes are on high alert.

Neither one of the volcanoes have erupted in the past 160,000 years."

In light of this South American / Central American volcanic activity, we need to pay attention to the OTHER dormant + extinct volcanoes showing movement.

A perfect example of what we need to look out for , last nights 3.1M in Central Nevada at the volcanic "Lunar" crater complex.

Seeing movement at areas like Lunar Craters National Park is a sign that the Pacific plate is causing serious unrest in areas we were all taught were extinct , or dormant.

38.287°N 116.437°W

nevada volcano earthquake oct 21 2014

In addition, it is worthy to note the activity in Hawaii picking up in pace.


Also, worthy to note the recent activity in Japan, multiple volcanic eruptions, and one completely unexpected eruption which killed over 40 people hiking on the dormant volcano , Ontake, on the mainland of Japan.

Special Map

Last but not least, we need to remember the entire previous month, September 2014, was INCREDIBLY ACTIVE when it came to volcanic activity... California, Arizona, Washington State, Bardarbunga in Iceland, and several other events which show the unrest to be growing.

Source Report:
Michael Janitch | October 22, 2014 at 4:30 am | Categories: earthquakes and volcano activity, earthquakes and volcanoes | URL:

Published on Oct 20, 2014

10/20 Yellowstone Super Volcano Several Quakes Magma Movement

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