Sunday, April 28, 2013

Doomsday on Wheels/Extreme Survival Shelters – Travel Channel/SurvivorJane

With the end of the current season of Doomsday Preppers wrapped up, some of us us are looking at more serious, down-to-earth  shows that address other options for Preparations, especially in the area of Survival Vehicles.

This is a post from a the Survivor Jane Blog that we follow.

Also, the Travel Channel is airing an episode of Extreme Survival Bunkers right after Doomsday on Wheels.

We're DVR'ing these to check them out at least.

Wonder if thery are going to feature an EV as a BOV, maybe...  

Doomsday on Wheels – Travel Channel April 28th 9p/ET

doomsday on wheels logo
Okay after seeing the trailer below, all I can say is … Wow do Preppers know how to do it right!! See for yourself! 
On Sunday night at 9pm/ET the Travel Channel will air “Doomsday on Wheels” produced by BCIITV.  
travel channel logo

Just when I thought I had all the preps I needed …and this show comes along! I found myself saying “I want that!” and “Oh wait, no I want that one instead!”  There vehicles are amazing!
Remember how everyone ogled over the ‘deuce and a half’ in that National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Preppers episode “It’s Gonna Get Worse”?  Well these vehicles are like deuce and a half on steroids!

doomsday wheels 6

Even the staunchest of anti-preppers will love this show.  Talk about cool “toys” … just sayin’. 
And just maybe viewers after watching won't think we're all a bunch of (fill in the blank) after all! Okay ... one could hope.
A big thank you to Rebecca C.S. Varga of BCII for the "heads-up" and for the trailer and images.
doomsday wheels 3 

Sunday night April 28th at 9pm/ET on the Travel Channel - Doomsday on Wheels.
Would love to hear what you think!  Just sayin'

- Survivor Jane

Extreme Survival Bunkers


Survival Condo

This retrofitted missile silo can house 70 people comfortably ... indefinitely.
Original Airdate | Sunday, April 21, 2013 
Be it a traditional shelter that doubles as a man cave, a super- reinforced subterranean tower or a top- secret luxury bunker, our concerned survivalists provide a safe -haven of comfort and sustainability with the aim to save the next generation in case the worst happens.

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