Saturday, September 15, 2012

Looking for Preppers/Patriots in Madtown!!!

With the recent activity with our Nation's Assets Overseas, the Upcoming Elections, and Financial Turmoil almost certain...

We'd like to know how many Like Minded Truth Seekers and Preppers would like to get together in Madtown.
FB Group for WI Preppers:
Wisconsin Preppers United - GREAT People!
  • Closed GroupClosed Group
  • Preparing for disease, disaster, catastrophe or personal hardship is prudent and right. This group is for sharing ideas
    and information on the hows and whys of prepping. Started for Wisconsinites, but open to all who are interested. No (personal) selling or spam. Recommending prepper products is okay. No disrespect of fellow members is allowed. We all agree to disagree. Hard core anti-government or 'revolution' talk isn't allowed. We do not want any undue attention brought to the group. We strongly discourage photos of your weapons and supplies. How-to pics and vids (your own or otherwise) are acceptable and appreciated! *Please watch your keywords! Controversial words should be separated by periods, ie.,, etc...thank you!
I've gone to a Meetup for Madison Preppers.  Great Group, Great Info.

Just wondering who else out there mught be interested in forming a Group or Network locally.

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Time is NOT on our side right now.  Many speak of an Oct Surprise, well it may be earlier.

Stay Alert.  Stay Informed.  Stay Involved.