Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love Your Veterans: Shoot-a-Thon Fundraiser for Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy - Triple Barrel Shotgun/Golf Ball Cannon/Prizes |

We learned about a Fun way to help injured Vets when Melanie Davis from called in to #Gear2Survive weekly Internet Radio Show.

#LoveYourVeterans is hosting Shoot A Thon s across the Nation to raise money for Hyperbaric Therapy for our Veterans.

"This is something that really affects and improves the abilities that they have lost.  The problem is that is not available at the VA.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is not covered by any Military Insurance, and is very expensive.  That's why we started the Shoot-a-Thon for Vets to raise awareness and funds for the treatment." - Melanie Davis,

More Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with USA Emergency Broadcasting Network on BlogTalkRadio



What a Great idea to fund Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Veterans who can't get it done anywhere else.


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Twenty-three veteran suicides a day is an American epidemic. But our heroes are not dying of PTSD, they are dying of neglect. We can do something to stop this tragedy … YOU can help save veteran lives!
The Love Your Veterans Shoot-A-Thon, which will increase awareness of the needs of our heroes while raising funds for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, treating traumatic brain injury and associated symptoms shared with PTSD and dramatically improving and even saving their lives. America’s Mighty Warriors has created a campaign to raise funds and awareness for this amazing therapy. Shoot-A-Thons can be like Relay for Life or Race for the Cure in their popularity and participation as they are held at gun ranges all across the country, except the sport is shooting and they benefit veterans.
The Shoot-A-Thon events feature unique, limited-edition, exclusive and desirable awards that can be earned by competitors when they sign up to fundraise as part of the online registration process.  We’ll provide you a platform that will help you reach out to your families, friends and local businesses to sponsor your participation.
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8 Wheels in the Air! - Golf Ball Cannon @Shoot-a-Thon for Vets
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