Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Monster Typhoon bearing down on #Fukushima - Storm Surge and Inland Flooding expected | ENENews/Weather Channel

Nuclear Alert:

Monster #Typhoon headed for #Fukushima Prefecture - Heavy Rain and Winds could damage already leaking tanks...

Cooling Pool for Fuel Rods may be compromised...

Fukushima to get eye wall of #TyphoonWipha 

Stay Alert.
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+‘ sign denotes location of Fukushima Daiichi — Click image to play latest animation (SOURCE: Weatherbell)

Forecast shows Fukushima to get eye wall of Typhoon Wipha — Weather Channel: Things may be getting worse at plant; Storm surge to combine with inland flooding at site (VIDEO)

Published: October 15th, 2013 at 8:05 pm ET

Wall St. Journal, Oct. 15, 2013 at 7:38p ET: Typhoon Wipha Batters Japan’s East Coast [...] the strongest typhoon in a decade to affect the Kanto region [...] Classified as a “large” typhoon on the agency’s storm scale [...] Record precipitation of 122.5 millimeters per hour was registered on Izu Oshima Island, about 120 kilometers south of the capital in the Pacific, with total rainfall on the island in the last 24 hours surpassing 750 millimeters. [...] Evacuation orders were issued to 8,840 residents in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture, as a nearby river was feared to be on the verge of flooding.  [...] Precautions were also taken at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, where workers have struggled to contain leaks of contaminated water. Equipment was bundled together [...] Typhoon Wipha is the strongest storm to approach eastern Japan since October 2004.

Carl Parker, The Weather Channel’s hurricane specialist, Oct. 15, 2013: There’s a very sensitive location just to the north of Tokyo. [...] they’re still working very hard to contain the radiation. They don’t want it to get into the groundwater. If you add storm surge, there could be some significant storm surge, although the storm will be weakening at that time, along with inland flooding, because there’s going to be very heavy rain, then you’re going to be looking at the possibility of something getting worse there at the facility. So, hopefully that does not happen.
The Weather Channel, Oct. 15, 2013: There’s a possibility that the storm surge could affect [the Fukushima nuclear plant].
Watch the Weather Channel segment here

“Once-in-a-decade typhoon” on path for Fukushima — Top Official: Giant tanks of nuclear-contaminated waste at risk of being destroyed — Winds near 200 kilometers per hour — Gov’t: Water can be released into ocean — WSJ: ‘Monster’ bearing down on plant (PHOTO)

Japan Times, Oct. 15, 2013 at 10:20a ET: The strongest typhoon to reach Tokyo in 10 years was expected to slam into the region with full force Wednesday morning, the Meteorological Agency said. [...] TEPCO said it was bracing for the storm to hit the crippled
Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant [...]
Typhoon Wipha -

AFP, Oct. 15, 2013 at 8:30a ET:Once-in-a-decade typhoon heads for Japan nuclear plant [...] on a path that will take it towards the precarious Fukushima nuclear power plant. Typhoon Wipha, packing winds of nearly 200 kilometres (125 miles) per hour near its centre [...] later in the day [on Wednesday it] would be off the coast of Fukushima, where the crippled nuclear power plant sits. “It is the strongest typhoon in 10 years to pass the Kanto region (Tokyo and its vicinity),” Hiroyuki Uchida, the agency’s chief forecaster, told a news conference. [...]

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 15, 2013 at 8:35a ET: Tepco to Drain Water Before Storm — Again [...] late Tuesday, the NRA panel overseeing the contaminated water problems gave Tepco the go-ahead to drain rainwater that had again accumulated around tanks storing “lightly contaminated” water used to cool the reactors. “We must decide on this issue today. A typhoon is approaching,” said panel head Toyoshi Fuketa. [...] But with a monster typhoon bearing down, are water leaks the real concern? NRA head Shunichi Tanaka has said for months the leaks aren’t as serious as many people think. Rather, one of the “largest risks” is that of another major natural disaster, such as an earthquake or powerful winds hitting the Fukushima site. That could destroy the makeshift tanks and the water processing equipment, releasing radioactive materials into the environment at “much, much greater levels than we are talking about regarding the leaks,” Mr. Tanaka warned. [...]

See also: Pro-Nuclear Expert: Typhoon collapsing Fukushima fuel pool "a very real concern -- I don't know what it is they’re doing about that" (AUDIO)

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