Monday, August 26, 2013

Alaska Newspaper: Concern #Fukushima nuclear waste is tainting our #salmon | Juneau Empire

Alaska Newspaper: Concern #Fukushima nuclear waste is tainting our #salmon — Worried about impact on humans — Scientists urged to conduct tests

Published: August 25th, 2013 at 9:18 pm ET

Title: Empire Editorial: Is Fukushima tainting one of Alaska’s most valuable resources?
Source: Juneau Empire (Alaska)
Date: Posted: August 25, 2013
Empire Editorial: Is Fukushima tainting one of Alaska’s most valuable resources?
[...] Now, Japanese officials said, the situation is too big. They need international assistance. [...]
We are concerned this hazardous material is hitching a ride on marine life and making its way to Alaska. [...]
We are concerned our Alaska salmon are being slowly tainted with nuclear waste. We are worried about the impact this waste could have on our resources, and especially the people who consume them. [...]
It’s good news Japan is seeking help. And it’s good this issue is again making headlines.
We urge scientists in Alaska to be proactive about conducting research and monitoring our salmon species. And we urge them to be vocal about their findings. [...]
Evidence Cited in Editorial
Sockeye Salmon Migration - NOAA
  • Ocean Currents: “The currents merge to form the North Pacific current and surge eastward. [...] Thousands of miles later, the currents hit an upwelling just off the western coast of the United States and split. One, the Alaska current, turns north up the coast toward British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. The other, the California current, turns south and heads down the western seaboard of the U.S.”
  • Migration: “Most often, it’s the chinook, coho and sockeye salmon migration patterns that range farthest. [...] each fish hitches a ride back to its home rivers and spawning grounds on the North Pacific current, the same one pulling the nuclear waste eastward.”
  • Ongoing Contamination: “[According to Ken Buesseler, scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,] levels coming from the damaged nuclear plant are not decreasing. Instead, they are increasing.”
  • History: “The amount they’ve found so far does not pose a risk to humans or marine life, they’ve said. [...] But that’s what scientists said about Chernobyl before later finding they had gravely underestimated its negative effects.”
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From last week: Highly Regarded Physician: The salmon migrate through radioactive plumes coming off Fukushima, then we catch them on Canada's shores -- Concerned about lack of testing -- Officials "rely on Japan for test results" (VIDEO)

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